If You Believe It THEN You Will See It

Life has been super sized for me these past two weeks. I have seen greats of the spiritual community in fields of science, medicine, personal development, spiritual enlightenment and more!! Having absorbed wisdom from so many inspirational leaders, I am left feeling a calm, peaceful quiet inside paired with a thirst for knowledge. I am going to break it all down into themes over my next few posts.

Let’s start with motivation and the power of your thoughts.Wayne_Quote

One of the themes between the two weekends was our perception creates our reality. Despite the common knowledge that about 30% of all healing takes place via the placebo effect, modern society downplays the power of the mind. At ICDI! Vancouver, Joe Dispenza  spoke about his workshops where critically ill people are using the power of their thoughts to reverse disease. No drugs, no surgery. You should check him out, his work is fascinating.

Stay with me here and think about the 4 minute mile for a moment. It was thought impossible for the human being to run faster than the once elusive four minute mile. It was a common belief that humans simply were not physically capable of it. That is until 1954 when Roger Bannister broke it with a speed of 3:59.4.

What changed? Was there a break through in nutrition? footwear? running surfaces? No, no and no. Roger Bannister visualized the clock reading 3:59 as he crossed the finish line as part of his training regimen. It was the power of his thinking that broke down a barrier that has now become the standard for professional male runners. His perception of what he was capable of created a new reality.

Our thinking can be our greatest asset! Our ideas of how to be happy can create happiness. Our ideas of good health can create wellness.

Imagine what could happen if you committed to shifting your thoughts towards yourself, your career, your family, new experiences, other cultures? you_name

Another interesting speaker, Jim Kwik spoke on motivation rather than intelligence being the key to retaining information. He teaches speed reading and information retention. According to Jim, we can remember information such as people’s names & phone numbers (commonly forgotten information),  if we are sufficiently motivated. Jim says it has nothing to do with intelligence whatsoever. He would know, he suffered brain damage as a child and grew up with a learning disability. 

I watched him listen to 20 two digit numbers provided by random people throughout the 3,000+ people in attendance which is a rather distracting environment to retain information to say the least!! I watched him then repeat the 40 digits back perfectly and then do it backwards.  Show off, oh and he has read a book every single day for the past four years!!!! It is fascinating to re-discover the high one can achieve by simply remembering simple information. We now live in an era where Dr’s are reporting a delay in diagnosing Dementia due to our reliance on GPS’s and smart phones that provide us with all our day-to-day information needs.

I hope you are empowered to embrace the power of your thoughts and your actions. They will create new beginnings with each choice you make.

Namaste – Lisa

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7 thoughts on “If You Believe It THEN You Will See It

  1. I love this post Lisa!

    When I was 25, I had a early mid-life crisis that allowed me to become aware of just this. My family and friends always tell me now, if I say I will do something, it will happen no matter how big and what is in my way. I visualize it, analyze anything that might throw a wrench in it and keep all positive thoughts about it. I found the more you talk about your direction in positive ways, the more people will know about it and help you get there. It’s all about passion.

    I used this to get my first technical job in LA (I had absolutely no experience, but they hired me because I was excited to be there), join the Navy, get scuba certified, move cross country 3 times (involved selling houses too, ugh!) and become a successful HS photographer (backed by a major printing lab). Now I am working on the next one, which is helping people wake up to the toxins around them so they can live their lives without cancer or autoimmune disease. Everyday people submit themselves to pills, chemo and radiation because they believe in the Dr., when there are healthy alternatives that truly work. I have a lot ahead of me, but if one person listens, then that is one person less getting sick or sicker.
    Ugh, you spilled a lot out of me 😉
    Live clean & healthy, Terra

    1. Wow, you are amazing to leave such an inspired & personal comment here. Thank you Terra! You are a strong & determined leader & teacher. I re-blogged a post I wrote from last year about cleansing & detoxifying a couple of weeks back. There are so many easy & affordable ways to remove chemicals from your life, one step at a time.
      I am with you on the healing from within and I have to say I am moving towards something big myself right now and using positive visualization to take me to the top of the mountain!! It feels incredible. Blessings to you sweet soul!!

  2. Our Minds hold the key.. We are so much more powerful that we have ever thought possible… ” If you believe it, then you will not only see it..” You create it into Being..

    Thoughts Create…. Lets THINK BIG! for the WORLD.. .. Bug Hugs Lisa.. xox

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