Flush it Out for Summer

I posted this last spring when I had just started out here on my blog. Many of you have not read it and with the full moon tonight and the time of year it seemed like an evergreen, ready to make some new acquaintances! Be well and happy hump day.

Bloom Lisa Coaching

As we shift into the bountiful season of summer, mother nature provides a cornucopia of fresh, organic, GMO free, nutritious & natural food for us to eat.farmersmarket

Say goodbye to your harsh cleaning products and fill up your bottles with some home made concoctions with natural ingredients like tea tree oil, essential oils, lemon juice, vinegar and
 baking soda. Add some parsley and cilantro into your dishes and chia seeds too; all excellent natural detoxifiers.seedlings

Forget the drive thru and make some super sized  dishes on Sunday’s that can serve as left overs for the week. Ignite the passion within you for your vitality, get creative!! If you feel guided to do so, then do an actual cleanse to kick start the process. Visit your local health food store and ask some questions about different products. You may want one where you can still eat a lot of food (the more your…

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