Attention All Mother’s: Take A Break Today!!!

Happy Mother’s Day lovely ladies. As you love your mama’s today, make sure to love yourself too!!


Think of the safety procedures on an airplane for a moment. You must first secure your oxygen mask before attending to your children. Life is the same.

Please remember to take some time to honour your super mama spirit this Mother’s Day. That means filling up your spirit with a BREAK, even a small one, from all that you do for your family 24/7. If you take time for a little self care, the love and kindness generated by those acts will benefit your family more than any errands you can run. It really is for them too!!

A massage, a spa day, get your nails done, no cooking, some laughs at girl time, no house work for the day, some time alone with a book; whatever your poison, ENJOY, RELAX and LOVE!!!Tulip_FTOC

So this Mother’s Day, start a new trend where you love yourself as much as you do your family. 

Peace, grace and love, Lisa

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