Manifesting The Energy of Spring

After a full day of filing and paying taxes (weep, sob) it seemed like the perfect day to go for a walk down to the ocean to connect with nature. Although I am filled with gratitude that I have a successful business along with an organically blooming spiritual business, it is always a stressful day for me.

I share with you the inspired card, Spring from Magical Messages from The Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue. spring_fairies

Here, the hopeful little fairy gazes up at the butterfly with awe and inspiration. The butterfly casts a glow of clear white transformative energy down upon her, and so her amazing journey of flight begins. It is with hope and love that we create beautiful moments for ourselves. You too have magical manifestation powers and spring is the time to really go for it. I have written about this card before here.

This card is also a message that when you believe “it”, “it” will arrive. Fear is our worst enemy and is also known as your ego. So many of us cling to a victim archetype that we are in denial about. Own your life, go after you dreams, affirm your goals and let it flow. In my work I see it time and time again. You really are this powerful.

The energy of spring is undeniably life affirming. Opportunities that seemed out of reach under the grey cover of winter now lay in the palm of your hand. All around me I see new doors opening as clients & friends walk into spring with a sense of renewal and find themselves in exciting new jobs and relationships. Oh l’amour, love is in the air, so get into the energetic flow and get out of the office/house/car/gym and spend some time connecting with people/nature/outdoor fitness/energy.

As I walked in the sun early this afternoon to take a break between filing and paying my taxes I decided to manifest feelings of peacefulness and document the beauty of my walk. I realize that if I want to live more peacefully than before my holiday, I need to make some tweaks and this is one of them: getting outside more. I am enjoying a strong sense of connection with nature & seeing the importance it plays in the human existence. There is a wisdom and intelligence outside of man that is of huge benefit to our existence. Above and beyond cement & cell towers, there are advancements we must make that works in partnership with nature. Here is what inspired me today.

The beautiful blooms of springs first flowers nestled into a busy urban village.tulips_blossoms

The twisted beauty of this tree, surviving no matter how harsh the conditions and creating a place where people can come and connect with nature.bent_trees

Towering trees filling the horizon with their bright new flourishing leaves.trail_tree

A rare sighting of a train sitting dormant in the middle of this beautiful forest coming to life with leaves, flowers, birds, babies and insects.


Looking out at the horizon at this spectacular view in my backyard feeling so blessed to live here in this life of mine.


Have a wonderful day and see you soon. Peace, grace and love, Lisa

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20 thoughts on “Manifesting The Energy of Spring

  1. This is a wonderful post.. arrgh you have captured Spring here… Love it.. Enjoy your time this weekend..

    ( and I do not know why I was following you.. yet it said in my notifications I wasn’t, I clicked follow again, and it unfollowed again.. very weird.. Enjoy and thank you for this breath of Spring Post..
    Love and Light Sue

  2. I love your thoughts for they do speak of Truth. Keep singing it out loud and clear!!!! And your photos are so awesome!!! Together we bring in the Light and push out the FEAR. YES!! High 5!!! Love, Amy

      1. I have such beautiful readings with it…I highly recommend it!! I get to work with Radleigh & Doreen again in two week as a volunteer as they teach the certification course for this deck, woot woot! Last year was such an eye opening day for me and I learned so much from watching them in action all day. I feel very blessed to have them ask me to come back again this year. Lucky Lisa:)!!!

      2. Wow Lisa, that is indeed cool. Give my love to them and deep gratitude, as The Angel Tarot is my favorite deck ever! You are the one who brought it to my attention, even though I did later see it in Doreen’s videos. I am excited for you that you are ask to work with them.

        Namaste sister~

    1. My pleasure. This was a new avenue of blogging for me and I am so humbled by the nice comments it has garnered…including yours. Many thanks!!!

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