What is an Inhale Without The Exhale?

This card has been coming up a lot in readings of late, It is such a beautiful and calming card, but it also evokes sadness.Sedna

The truth is, everything you need is available to you. Keep in mind the role balance plays in your life. You must give when you receive. This is as vital as your breath; after all what is the inhale without the exhale? Chances are if you are saturated in feelings of lack, you are also lacking a balance between giving & receiving.

In western culture we see who drives a newer car, lives in a bigger house and who takes fancier holidays and we feel that we should be doing better in life. This sense of lack has driven many into credit card debt, second mortgages & living a lie rather than a dream. The truth is if you are reading this blog you are doing better than most. That you have a smart phone, tablet and/or computer is proof enough. It is time to shift your perspective back into abundance thinking!

In this card, you can see the whale in the background. It is amazing to think about how the largest animal on earth survives on krill. What an incredible example of how the universe provides abundance! So if you are worrying about putting food on the table lately and you are reading this post, please stop!! Sedna the Alaskan Sea Goddess asks you to check these feelings of lack at the door. When she shows up it is a reminder that the universe provides infinite abundance, as always.

And look at that amazing full moon on the horizon. Each day is a new beginning where you can dive as deeply into a new day as you choose.

Raise your thoughts to your bright future. Focus on your goals & dreams. Spend time in nature. This combination will assure you happier tomorrows. 

This card is from Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, published by Doreen Virtue.

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5 thoughts on “What is an Inhale Without The Exhale?

  1. What a wonderful reminder! I’m usually thankful for my life and for all that I have, but at times comparison gets the better of me. For example, I live in an affluent area, and am sometimes embarrassed by my crappy car when most of the people around me are driving BMW’s. Anyway, this spoke to me today. Lovely lavender card too! Celeste 🙂

  2. Ahhh…The balance and breath of life. I have always known that everything I have ever needed would be provided to me…and so it has 🙂 What a beautiful way to live life. Great post Lisa…great blog! Blessitude

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