A Balancing Act

Balance. We all want it and its affects every aspect of our lives.Balance

There is work/life balance.

The beauty & simplicity in the balance of a standing yoga pose.

There are tipping points that throw relationships out of it & the delicate balance between mother nature and man.

And we can’t forget about balancing our budget now can we?

When things are out of balance, how do you get back to that place of calm, peace and purposefulness? After my 30 day yoga challenge and 24 classes in 30 days, balance has been a hot topic in my mind.

The notion of living softly and with great care keeps rising up during quiet moments of meditation, observation and reflection. It is through thoughtfulness and service to others that we attain greater balance. The greatest happiness in your life will be reached by doing good things for someone else. Hey, you know the truth when you here it.Balance2


This photo was taken during that amazing stage where babies become toddlers & is such a sweet example of the importance of finding balance and zen moments in our daily lives.

The yellow rose image is from Flower Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue published by Hay House.

My last post was long so I will keep this one brief. Be well & namaste!

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