The Signs Are All Around You, The Magic is in The Details

Today I explore a card on personal power & focused intention. Life is full of distractions which makes staying focused and on track a challenge. As you go out into the world and start your day, have fun, speak your truth with love and remember that you ARE very powerful! This is a playful & complimentary card to the theme of focused intention this week on my Facebook Page.

You've_Got_The_PowerThe artwork evokes thoughts of how children grab life by its coat tails. Kids live wholeheartedly, laughing & crying out loud as they bump & grind their way down the winding path of life. It is a joy to observe young kids who sing & dance in public without a care in the world. So beautiful.

We meet the ladybug, mouse, butterfly and dragonfly to cheer you on in your mission of whole hearted living. These animals are important signs in your journey. Think of them like positive affirmations that show up in your life to keep you on track.

When a ladybug appears in your life, although it is tiny, it is something we all take notice of. Joy can be found in the small stuff and the ladybug is asking you to take notice of the details. Try paying forward some good energy in the form of a compliment, such a small thing can have a HUGE impact. You could take a nature walk and enjoy your surroundings as you pause to use your five senses to take in the amazing world around you. You can take a moment to gaze into your partners eyes and notice the beauty of your connection. 

Our little mouse friend is similar to the ladybug as she tells us our success hinges on the details. Don’t put all your focus on the big picture right now as neglecting the details will hold you back.

We all know the life cycle of the caterpillar into the butterfly; it is an iconic message of transformation. When a butterfly shows up changes are a-comin’. Your potential is off the charts so keep the faith and stay the course. Now is not the time to be a caterpillar. After all, You’ve Got The Power.

The dragonfly has similar meanings to that of the butterfly with messages of transformation and emotional growth but conveys a deeper spiritual meaning. As part of your transformation, remember that life has cycles. Life has changed dramatically in the last 100 years, and it has changed so dramatically in the last five years with the viral invasion of mobile technology. Life on earth continues to follow cycles (moon, energy, body) even if urban life does not. It serves you well to remember you should not be operating at full capacity 24/7. Honour the cycles in your body and in the world around you. Transformation & emotional growth also take time. think of the classic story of The Tortoise & The Hare and enjoy the ride.

When an animal keeps popping up around you take notice, it is a message for you. It can take the form of a live animal, images, patterns, stories, etc.

The card You’ve Got the Power is from Magical Messages From The Fairies by Doreen Virtue. Publisher: Hay House.

Be well and blessings to you! namaste – Lisa

5 thoughts on “The Signs Are All Around You, The Magic is in The Details

  1. This message really spoke to me today! I’m writing a book, but distractions keep pulling me away from working on it. A big distraction right now is that my husband and I are getting our house ready to put on the market and looking for a new home. It seems like this takes all of my time and energy and I don’t have much left to work on my book. But this is just a distraction, and I have to remember to stay focused on my book. An important message – I hope I listen to it. Celeste 🙂

    1. Focus is a constant battle for me as well. I always say if my words help even just on person it is worth it, so a HUGE thank you for your comment!! Happy writing & I wish you well getting into the flow of it. Big hugs earth angel.

  2. Hey Lisa,

    I read this post and found myself drifting back to the lazy, hazy, crazy days of childhood, when there was mystery and magic in every waking moment, and life just never seemed to stop giving! And in that time, there was no real sense of time at all but more an endless stream of sensuous impressions and random patterns that somehow just happened and unfolded about me: and all of them were important, and all of them were distracting, but never were they a distraction from being a child.

    I can still recall the wonder of watching a bird take flight for the very first time and sail across the garden to land in the branches of a neighbouring tree. And in my imagination there was no distinction between me and that bird: ‘we’ were both simply alive and sharing the one same garden. I believed then that by strapping something wing-like to my arms and running around the garden in short bursts ending with a giant leap in the air there would be a moment when I too would fly and join the bird in the tree. That I never did ‘take-off’ was never a distraction from believing that it was possible…I simply just became distracted by another wonderful distraction and simply stopped flapping! I so miss being separated from the wonderful enthusiasm of such beautiful naivety 🙂

    I’ve recently bought a Dragonfly wind-chime. It’s an upgrade on an old butterfly mobile that has seen better days and is now in need of packing away to make room for something new. The body of the Dragonfly is made from wire that twists itself around 3 large amber-coloured glass beads, which simultaneously capture and hold on to the falling sunlight whilst also reflecting it outwards as a deeply golden glow. When caught by the breeze the mobile comes to life and the chimes ring with a soft melodic timbre. I find it a simple yet beautifully conceived and imaginatively constructed object that expresses something of the durability yet delicate fragility that surrounds an illuminated glass heart. In its symbolism, the Dragonfly reminds me of lightness and lightmindedness, of movement and manoeuvrability, of an ability for momentary stillness in flight, and of elegance, grace and speed. The wind-chime is fixed to a point above the window but hangs so that the Dragonfly looks out through the glass towards the expansive sky and distant horizon way beyond the city in the valley below. I like to consider the symbolism of its scenic vantage point as a reminder to always look much further than the immediately obvious; to always strive to connect with higher forms of thinking than that which exists more evidently within the contrived world of man; and to continually accept that there is a far greater vision and purpose for existence than that which currently exists on Earth. And lastly, since the plastic used for its wings is made from a luminous material, I am also reminded in darkness of the persistence and endurance of Light in the lives of us all.

    Thank you for your wonderful post Lisa. I could sit and ponder its content for many happy moments and most probably will come back to do so…


    DN – 12/04/14

    1. The ability to transport back in time to the carefree whimsy of childhood is truly a gift! It is something I have been doing since becoming a mother and I reap the benefits daily. The dragonfly is one of my totem animals, perhaps I should look for something of beauty this year for my garden like yours. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your memories & kind words Dewin, it is greatly appreciated!! Be well.

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