True Reflections

I felt inspired to write this post as so many of my clients are starting mirror work (as made famous by the remarkable Louise Hay) as part of their self care/get back on track/happier life plan. I didn’t realize it at the time I wrote this, but this is my 100th post. I think the title and the topic are perfect – how I love synchronicity!!

Do not underestimate the power & importance of eye contact, most especially with yourself. It is a gateway to connection. When is the last time you really stopped in front of the mirror and had an encouraging chit chat with yourself? You are the only person that will ALWAYS be there for you no matter what. I think a little extra TLC for this very important person in your life is in order.

Morning_AffirmationsSo the next time you pass a mirror, in the hall or after a trip to the lou, stop and pause there. For the first time just a good long look and a realization of what thoughts run through your mind will suffice. Are you making observations or judgements?  Do you appreciate how hard this person works, how much they give of themselves, how amazing their body is for doing all the things it does every single day to make YOUR life possible, or not so much? Are your thoughts kind, or not so much? Do you like what you see, or not so much?

Affirmations are life changing. Mirror work is life changing. Period.

It is a simple change and it costs nothing.

Get up in the morning and stop at the mirror before you hop in the shower. (This is so you skip all that mental spin thinking about what you have to do today, how tired you are and blah blah blah as you wake up under the hot spray of your shower head.) The affirmations provide a shift in thinking right from the get go.

Look in the mirror and say:

“Good morning beautiful. I am grateful for my warm bed & this roof over my head. I am so fortunate. Today is a great day. Today I smile more than I did yesterday. I love you.” Of course play around with this and make it your own, but it gives you an idea of the kind of prosperity thinking that comes with being grateful for what you have in your life right now. 

Quite a few of the beautiful people in my life don’t seem to see themselves as I do. This troubles me. Deeply. I hope you are not Mirrorone of them:)

I love the imagery of this card from Angel Dreams Oracle Cards by Melissa & Doreen Virtue. You are a radiant, loving soul just the way you are. All that happiness, bliss and prosperity you search for is already inside you. This is a very good thing. You see you don’t have to go out into the world and DO anything. You simply need to look inside and shake off some cobwebs from your self image. Before you know it you will be winking at yourself in the mirror and saying, “You look foxy today gorgeous!”

If you can meditate in the morning that is best, but a few affirmations can lead to HUGE benefits in your life. Remember, only you can choose your thoughts and PERCEPTION IS REALITY.

My post today is inspired by my angel card reader community on Facebook. Thank you Radleigh Valentine for continuing my education and inspiring me with your passion and dedication to this community.

Light and love to you all. Thank you for stopping by. Lisa

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7 thoughts on “True Reflections

    1. I will be there, it would wonderful to meet up if you decide to attend! This will be my third year in a row. I am also volunteering for her again at the Certified Angel Card Reader course on the Monday after. Have you seen/met her before?

      1. no i haven’t seen or met her! i volunteered at i can do it last year, but i missed a few of the speakers. i don’t think i will volunteer this year because i want to see as much as possible.
        but i haven’t got my ticket yet. 😉 if i do go, i will for sure let you know!! 🙂

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