Bacon is an Evil Temptress

One year without meat!

Was it a difficult transition? Surprisingly no….mostly. The sweet & savoury scent of grilled bacon has seductively danced up my nostrils more than a time or two, but I have yet to be seduced by this evil temptress.Life_Experience_Tarot

Has it been expensive? The grocery bill has gone up but our sickness has gone down. We eat out less and buy more organic. There are compromises and splurges. Answer: Hard to say but I would go with an overall no.

Are we better off in our house of two adults, two young children and a cat.  Absolutely.

The kids are less explosive, their skin is clear of eczema, they sleep through the night and from time to time, they even get that highly sought after S-shaped poop the vegans brag about. Snack time is filled with fresh colourful veggies, fruits and nuts over crackers and granola bars.

My bloating has disappeared and as a result my Interstitial Cyststits is much improved. When I stay away from my husbands craft beer that is….which I must say I am doing quite well with that as the pain is not worth the sip. I now take a daily iron supplement (as I have low functioning iron levels) along with Hawaiian Spirulina.

My fridge is stocked with enriched rice milk, hummus, soaked almonds and a plethora of fresh fruits and veggies. My cupboards house gluten free, dairy free & egg free baking supplies. I still eat goat cheese and yogurt and take milk in my coffee but I keep my gluten and dairy intake to a minimum and feel better in the tummy of it.

My Pinterest boards are filling up and my recipe books have been thoroughly combed over.

My husband has adjusted to the new normal. I have noticed that he really enjoys burgers at work lunches with a new unparalleled enthusiasm and appreciation. People seem to feel sorry for him. He can see the health benefits and has even started going to the gym again after quite a long babymoon. Congratulations honey!

I have to be completely honest…it has been one whole year without poultry, pork or lamb. I almost made it on the beef but with the kids on the elimination diet I simply found it too difficult to maintain the short order cook status every night of the week.  My original intention was to follow a plant based diet for one month. After that month I would only eat wild seafood and organically raised meat and grass fed beef.

Commercial meat processing is a nasty business; there is no wiggle room around that one. I say a prayer of gratitude that I do not have to work in a slaughterhouse in North America. Big sad sigh.

I now eat grass fed organic beef in our spaghetti sauce 1-2 times per month and sockeye salmon as well. I am happy with it all, I just wish I could figure out what to call myself when people ask.

I am not a vegan or a vegetarian. I am technically not a Pescetarian now that I have started eating limited amounts of grass fed beef. I guess labelling it is not important in the end, the process is what counts.

I want to close with a big huge thank you to this amazing on-line community. The phenomenal amount of recipes and inspiration has been a key factor in our success on this food journey. Sometimes you just have to go for it with all of the love in your heart, trusting that you intuition is taking you where you are supposed to go.

I wanted to add a few of my favourite blogs and pages to find recipes and inspiration:Aine - Leap of Faith

May you have many blessings on your own personal journey of health and happiness.
Thank you for taking time to share in mine. Light & love to you all – Lisa

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