The Winding Path of Life Has Taken a Sharp Left Turn: Calling All Food Bloggers!!

I apologize for my lack of posts. Trust me, I have been missing you!!

Recently I found out that my sweet 3 1/2 year old daughter Summer cannot eat gluten, amaranth, spelt, dairy, eggs, soybean products, pineapple or spinach with limited almonds & peanuts. This will be our program for the next three months if not longer, depending on her reactions to food moving forward.

If you have a food blog or follow one that you LOVE, can you please leave the link in the comments for me?!?!  I am now spending a LOT of time researching and preparing food and dedicating most of my brain power to creative meal planning. I have learned to use flax meal & water to replace eggs and have a dry pitcher on my Vitamix to make instant flour! 

She has a skeleton to grow and I need to find new ways to get protein and calcium into her without using soya products. So far, she is not a fan of nuts and beans and will eat chicken by the truck load.

Until I get my bearings as I navigate through the world of gluten free, dairy free & soya free eating for a picky pre-schooler I am going to post when I can. Right now being a Mom and focusing on my girls is my top priority.

On the angel card side of things, here is the card I pulled for guidance!Guardian Angel_Commitment How I love you oracle cards.

Thank you for your support and I appreciate any recipes, resources or blogs you can provide.

Peace, grace and love to you all, Lisa

14 thoughts on “The Winding Path of Life Has Taken a Sharp Left Turn: Calling All Food Bloggers!!

  1. That’s quite the dietary challenge! The Brassicas – kale, broccoli, chard; and spinach and blue-green algaes are high in highly absorbable calcium. I think Kelp too. Overall the measurable calcium is less than dairy, but it is not as easily processed and absorbed than the calcium in greens.
    Have you searched the WP reader for vegan and gluten-free blogs?
    Good luck to you and you daughter!

    1. Thank you Julianne! Yes I have found a few great recipes and am slowly building up a selection of new normal go-to dinners. It has only been two weeks and there are so many wonderful bloggers out there who are keeping me hard at work in my own kitchen! Fingers are always crossed that Summer will actually LIKE the dishes. Be well earth angel.

  2. You will quickly adapt Lisa. Gluten, Soy and diary are really not good for any of us. I see you have some suggestions already. My friend wrote a book. Let me find and link you too it. Or follow her on Facebook. Jennifer V. Jones

    All will be well. I bet Pinterest also has lots of recipes/

    1. Pinterest has been the best and I can organize the recipes and access them from all my devices; it is wonderful if I am at the grocery store and need a reference! Thank you so much for your support and I would appreciate the link. The food going into her system does align with my food philosophy for sure, yet it remains a significant adjustment for the whole family! Be well lovely lady.

  3. Hi Lisa, Im a bit late on reading this but I went through the same thing last year and successfully eliminated the foods above as your little one is. Because of my journey I am absolutely dedicated to getting the message out there that you dont need to sacrafice delicious meals when cutting out gluten, dairy etc. Please feel free to check out and ask me ANY questions at all in regards to a diet free of all those yucky ingredients that dont agree with your daughter! You never know…you might convert the whole family 😉 xxx

    1. Wow, you are incredible and so inspiring. I GREATLY appreciate your comment and the links you have left. I am re-grouping this past week to source out some new recipes with added variety! You are an earth angel, blessings to you.I have followed your food blog and twitter page to stay up to date!

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