Weekly Oracle Card Reading for October 14th – 20th, 2013

Welcome to this weeks reading on bloomlisa.com my fellow earth angels. The cards are telling us that you are in a good place so trust what is happening in your life. As the week unfolds I can see that connecting with nature is paramount. Connecting to source love as the focal point for your journey and by living in harmony with your natural surroundings enables you to achieve the happiness you so deeply long for.Vishnu_Trust

We start the week of with the Hindu God, Vishnu with the message of Trust. You can have faith that recent events are unfolding in your best interests. It is easy to second guess yourself so trust your intuition on this one. The colour scheme conveys comfort with neutral shades of grey, blue and green. The bright yellow & red embody your energy as you embrace your highest energy. This situation is leading you down the right path. Enjoy it!

His four hands hold items from four different realms – a lotus flower, a conch shell, a mace (hindu weapon) known as a Kaumodoki gada and a discuss weapon; he is the protector of earth and is said to be of “universal form” beyond human perception. Epona_Crystals

Next we met Epona with the message of Crystals. You will benefit from keeping crystals around you. Carrying a crystal around in your pocket, car and/or purse can become a good friend. I like to keep circular rubbing stones in my coat pockets. They can bring great energy and comfort to you. Another option is jewellery. Take your time selecting the pieces that are right for you. Once you get them home you can put them in a bowl of salt or give them a sun bath to clear them out. I like to leave them outside over night during full moon. Different crystals have different powers so make sure you know what you have before placing them near your bed or wearing them against your skin! Do some research in new age books stores, on-line or talk to an expert at a crystal shop.

Epona is a fairy-queen goddess of horses so for some of you her guidance is regarding a horse. She is a protector of nature so call upon her to connect with nature, through crystals, animals or the environment. At any rate – this is a critical time for you to find a deeper connection to nature. Crystals have beautiful energy so they are a great place to start.Jesus

The weekend brings us huge mad love with the card: Open Your Heart, Jesus. We see Jesus surrounded by animals from around the world, both tame and wild, standing in peace united together. No matter the differences, no matter how deeply they run, when someone chooses love a shift will occur. You have been struggling lately. Focus on the love in your heart and let that be the light that guides  you. As you open up and get acquainted with your vulnerability you will see progress in your relationships.

Jesus‘ capacity for love, forgiveness and kindness is something to strive for. Since his time, no man has ever achieved such an unparalled ability to live in the heart. This weekend is time for love, of yourself and others. Those whom you are close to and those who, well… not so much. The more you open your heart, the happier your life will be. As I have said before, (my favourite Dr. Phil-ism), “Would you rather be happy or right?”.  Let it go and open your heart this weekend and watch your life open up to a higher plane of happiness.

I would like to add that I am so pleased to see Jesus show up for the weekly reading. Letting go of issues from the past that no longer serve you is a fundamental piece of the puzzle in ascending in your spiritual journey. No exclusions. No regrets. Far from easy – yet so enriching and game changing.

This week I am using Doreen Virtue’s Ascended Masters Oracle Cards, published by Hay House.

Peace, grace and love to you for the week. And to those of you in Canada I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving. As part of my new diet we are hosting an Indian Potluck rather than the traditional stuffed bird!! – Lisa

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