Weekly Reading October 7th – 13th, 2013

Welcome to my weekly angel tarot reading. I am dedicating this reading to my father who passed away 5 years on October 7, 2008. 

This week brings messages on the importance of perspective, quiet contemplation and taking the time to absorb life’s lessons along the way. 

You are a beautiful bright light, always and forever. And remember, everyone on this planet has problems. You are no exception. No one is so special, or so good, or so enlightened to bypass them. It is the human experience after all.

The sweet ain’t sweet without the bitter baby. Appreciate the teachers & lessons that come into your life and the amazing places they transport you to.


On Monday we meet the Three of Fire. I have a special affinity for this card;  it speaks straight to my heart. Take a good look and absorb all the messages. Life is rich with abundance yet often our outlook is too bleak. We look at our future through a lens of fear while forgetting our nature. You must remember that guidance, support & a soft place to fall is never far away. How beautiful that divine support is. When we lose sight of our passions, cease feeling inspired and stop making time for our creative outlets, life can feel pretty bleak. Start the week off with an attitude adjustment in any areas where you are focusing on what is going wrong more than what is going right.Life_Experience_Tarot

On Wednesday we meet, Life Experience. This card is known as The Tower in more traditional decks. There are events in life that are game changers. Events that alter the way you look at everything, and while you may desperately wish to return to the way things were – you cannot. Some life experiences are elevating & invigorating while other are shocking. They leave us feeling like we are adrift at sea without a paddle.  

One of these events has happened for you & now you must take the appropriate time to let the importance of these changes sink in. You have been presented a divinely guided opportunity. This current of change is swift and you must embrace it; there is no going back.The_Hermit_Tarot

On Friday we meet The Hermit. Make this weekend a quiet one. Deep meditation, yoga class, writing in your journal, a nature walk, curling up with a cup of tea and a good book are all perfect activities for you. Many of us have trouble being alone and being quiet, going inside and just “being”. The harder that is for you, the more you actually need to do this. It is a vital connection on the pathway to long lasting happiness & enlightenment.

You have been through a lot and you need time to absorb it. Sometimes we forget in this age of instant gratification that some things will always take time. You would never plant a seed and expect a strong oak tree to grow by morning. Silence is a gift to your soul and your future. Now is the time to seize it!!

This card also emphasizes the wisdom your life experience has imparted on you. You may become someones mentor soon. Spirituality will be in the forefront right now – strong dreams, connections to past life memories, reflections on your true nature, esoteric concepts and more. It is your responsibility to share your knowledge – The Hermit does not hide in the cave. Rather he emerges from his cave on top of the mountain to teach the students who have made the pilgrimage to learn from the master.


This week’s cards are Angel Tarot, by Radleigh Valentine & Doreen Virtue.

If you are interested in a private reading click here. To book a Tarot Party at your home click here.

Until next time…peace, grace & love. Lisa

2 thoughts on “Weekly Reading October 7th – 13th, 2013

  1. This is really interesting to read. Thank you. I’ve recently decided to learn tarot, so this had particular interest to me.

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