Weekly Reading September 30th – October 6th, 2013

This week we begin a new month full of coats and scarves and hot mugs of tea. We say hello to familiar friends like cozy sweaters, our favourite pair of boots and a soft throw blanket as we curl up on the sofa to enjoy a good read.

The cards this week indicate a solitary time where you move past last week’s healing into a new phase of action. It is vital that you care for your soul as you prepare to make a huge life change in leaving a toxic situation. The cards ask you to surround yourself with items that emit a strong life source such as flowers & plants. They also ask you to fully embrace a journey that enhances your soul purpose. 

I have begun posting support cards on my Facebook page throughout the week in conjunction with the weekly readings. Please Like my page to get enhance your experience by clicking HERE!! in the sidebar. Blessings to you for your continued support!Travel_Fairies

The Travel card is full of the richness & regality of purple hues paired with the prosperity of the message! A buck’s antlers are a sign of good health. Most male deer drop their antlers seasonally and when they grow back, if their diet is bountiful, then their antlers grow larger with more points. Here in the Travel card we see clearly how the results of a healthy diet & good health “light the way” through the darkness. The fairy is radiating an angelic light through her crown chakra which lights her wand. Her hair, the flower arrangements, the lush forests all represent the abundance awaiting you on the journey ahead.

We can take this card literally of course, but for many of you it is describing a process, such as completion of a challenging new project at work or taking on a fear that has been holding you back. This “journey” will expand your understanding of your life’s purpose. Enjoy each moment and set a clear intention that abundance is always available to you.  In fact, it is our natural state! This abundance will take care of any logistical or financial challenges that present themselves around your adventure. So go out there, keep the faith & have some fun.Flower_Power

Now that Autumn has officially arrived, you are reminded to bring some of summertimes gifts into your home by Flower Power. The benefit of plants in your life can not be underestimated.  A bouquet of flowers, an orchid perhaps, a diffuser with some organic essential oils, time at the plant shop, a nature walk or even creating a craft using dried flowers are all of HUGE benefit for your right now. Even better, give a gift of flowers to brighten someone’s day at the same time! The card depicts a young girl & feels like springtime. This represents rejuvenation  You are battling a toxic situation and the beauty and energy of nature are of vital importance.Walk_Away_Fairies

Walk Away. Despite her obvious pain & haunting eyes, this card is full of healing green, feminine pinks and cheerful hues. You have been contemplating cutting the chords to this situation for sometime…..and the time to act is here. This relationship has been taxing your health & this has to stop. It isn’t fair to you or the people you care about to continue on this way. Just like this fairy, you can break free of the chains that bind you and turn into a virtual forest of abundance and fertility. A nurturing place that fosters your dreams & hopes. See how she has vines wrapped around her? They have crept so slowly up and around her, just as our toxic relationship do, that you haven’t realized the prison going up around you. Fortunately, the bars are created by your ego and can easily be broken when you set your mind to it. 

But first, you must walk away. No more excuses or believing that the health/money/emotional issues in your life are not related to this relationship (personal or professional). Listen to your intuition. When you take a step toward the universe, it WILL take a step towards you. Remember that the world IS an abundant place and you will have everything you need to not only survive but to THRIVE!!

This week I have been guided to use Magical Messages From Your Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue. Publisher: Hay House

Thank you so much for stopping by. Please remember that you already have everything you need inside of you! Lisa



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