Generosity, What Goes Around Comes Around

“Be generous in all areas of your life. shoreline-Oregon
The more you give of yourself and all that flows to you, the more you will see flowing back to you.”
– Wayne Dyer

It is a week of clearing out and making room for  wonderful new energies, projects, people and relationships in your life. Remembering to be generous of spirit is life changing. If all you can spare right now are extra smiles, go with that. The more you give, the better you feel & the more you want to give & get involved…and so the cycle begins.

Get in the flow of generosity and watch your life transform! Have a wonderful week everyone.

Peace, grace and love to you all, Lisa

My weekly reading speaks of healing and energy healing. You can read about it here: September 23 -29th, 2013 Weekly Oracle Card Reading.

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