Weekly Reading is Back!! September 23rd – 29th, 2013


Hello! After a two week absence due to a nasty bug I am so excited to be back in the saddle! This week it is time to clear out the old & what no longer serves you and get to work so that the bounty of harvest time can be yours!

As the Harvest Moon of last week draws to a close we meet Lugh, the Celtic sun god of harvest time. He even has a festival named after him, Lughnasa! September is a pivotal time of change. We feel it in the air, in our energy levels, in the food we crave, our wardrobe and in our surroundings. Lugh_Persistence

As for you, Lugh signifies a time of action. If you want to reap the rewards you seek then get down to business and stay focused on the big picture right now. If need be, break down your project into manageable tasks; even a little bit each day will keep you moving forward. Your intention is key to your success so be crystal clear what it is that you want before getting busy!

The artwork depicts a lion like mane of hair, powerful and regal, just like Lugh. His pendant bears a blazing sun laying against a ray like pattern of orange for courage, yellow for spirituality and gold for the bounty that awaits you. Call upon Lugh for assistance when mastering a new skill to reap abundance and that bountiful harvest!!Hilarion_Health_Healing

Mid week we meet Hilarion, a 4th century Middle Eastern Healer. He wears a bright green robe full of healing energy paired with a purple background signifying his divine healing powers. Healing is of paramount importance for you right now.  What is going on in your mind, body & soul right now? What are you holding onto that is no longer serving you? For many, it is the need to let go of the fear surrounding your own powerful gift of healing ( next card is VERY interesting regarding healing energy). 

Make those life changes that keep whispering to you. Less caffeine, less processed food, no more soda, an earlier bedtime, growing an herb garden in your window sill, Meatless Monday (or everyday!!), taking a dance class, quitting smoking, drink more water, break off that toxic relationship, signing up for a night class and on it goes. Do any of these sound familiar? I thought so. Trust your intuition and embrace these messages of healing!Merlin_Energy_Healing

Merlin comes to bring us into the weekend with his prophetic energy healing! Paired with the last card, you don’t need me to explain the  significant message of healing energy coming through. Not only can you make changes in your body and what you put into it, but remember to look around your home and work space, even your car, and clear out any old negative energy or clutter that is affecting you. Avoid spending time with anyone who does not fill you up with “cool & groovy” vibes. Be sure to send loving thoughts out over the weekend and stay in your healing heart, not the fearful & hurting heart. No pouting, no fretting over something that has happened that you cannot change…only love this weekend. 

I want you to focus on clearing out the old this weekend, this is Merlin’s gift of energy healing. If you feel guided, now is the time to sign up for a course in energy healing that you have been thinking about. 

Merlin is well know for his connection to King Arthur’s Camelot and helps us to focus our energies in healing ways. This card is rich in purples , signifying his divine healing energy and power (just like Hilarion).

This weeks cards are from Doreen Virtue’s Ascended Masters Oracle Cards published by Hay House.

Have a wonderful week and it sure feels wonderful to be back! Peace, grace & love – Lisa

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