Drowned by Tissues

My third eye is blocked by a severe case of congestion and back-to-school bugs!! My sincere apologies but I will not be posting a weekly reading for September 9th – 15th, 2013.

Any tips from my eclectic & health savvy fellow bloggers for healing teas, tonics etc are welcome in my comments!!!! Merci beaucoup:)Oonagh

I hope to be back in action very soon! Have a wonderful week and good health to all. Peace, grace & love to all, blessings – Lisa

4 thoughts on “Drowned by Tissues

    1. Sage advice Julianne! Many thanks for the tips – I have been doing the steam w/ Eucalyptus & reaping the rewards. 7 days and going strong with this nasty bug; I am ready for a break through tonight I tell you! Peace, grace & love to you kind soul!!

    1. Thank you sunshine. I have a 3 & 6 yr old who don’t understand the concept of Mommy being flat out, but I am working in as much rest as I can. I am honouring the importance of resting so that I can get back to my super hero duties, lol. You are a sweet soul, thank you so much!!

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