Do You Bring The Love?


“The world is healed one loving thought at a time.” – Marianne Williamson

For anyone who has spent much time with A  Course in Miracles, they are familiar with Marianne Williamson. It calls to me with in loving whispers.

It is the little things, the simple moments that make the biggest difference in how we live, laugh & love one another. Next time you are faced with one of those challenging moments, choose the loving way.

Vulnerability is a beautiful place to connect with, albeit frightening at first. Once you do, watch your life expand like a summer bloom. 

After all, we can only change ourselves. If we all pick up the torch imagine the miracles that will ignite! Peace, grace & love, Lisa

5 thoughts on “Do You Bring The Love?

  1. Reblogged this on Blazing Light of Glory and commented:

    I stumbled across this little gem and felt it belonged here on our new ACIM blog. Being a Canadian in America over the Memorial Day long weekend & witnessing the patriotism that flourishes here, I am reminded how it is more important than ever to embrace open hearted living. Light & love, Lisa

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