Weekly Reading September 2 – 8, 2013, Flower Therapy Oracle Cards

You are growing right now through some deep soul healing, and seeing as you are already rummaging around in your “true self” the cards are urging you to connect with some passions you buried from your childhood, likely while trying to be a responsible adult! Yes, we often lose sight of what we need to be doing while we spend most of our time doing what we think we should be doing. Keep your thoughts positive as you head into the weekend. There will be some tough stuff thrown at you, keep bringing your thoughts back to the highest outcome and all will be well. You CAN create a better outcome by remembering that compassion is your greatest strength.

As we begin a new month and a key month of change here in September, it feels a bit like a dry run for our New Year’s Eve resolutions – creating a schedule and sticking to new healthy & productive routines is on the forefront of many agendas heading into this week. This can be daunting and even overwhelming. Take a deep breath, you are exactly where you are supposed to be right now.


First we meet YOU ARE HEALED, CALENDULA/POT MARIGOLD. 2013 is a year of pivotal change and this healing is one piece of the puzzle. Last week we ended with the Seven of Earth, a pause in the action and it is continuing here as we start the week. You are asked to continue being patient and to keep the faith that everything will materialize for you – all in good time! The message is also one of significant healing. This pause in forward motion in your life allows for deep soul healing. Soon, you will enjoy strengthened vitality and strength as a result. Stay positive and keep that inner dialogue positive as you healing periods are not all rainbows and lollipops. Remember, it is best to stay in the organic flow of life right now rather than getting caught up in other people’s drama. Stay centered in your healing and trust your intuition!!!

If you are a healer, this is a time for you to pay close attention to the intuitive messages that you are receiving. If you are receiving care from a healing practitioner, then this is an important union and vital to your healing process. Calendula is a popular healing herb.Waratah_Become_The_True_You

Midweek we meet BECOME THE TRUE YOU, WARATAH. This card is so inspiring. It is asking you to connect with your natural instincts that are unique & specific to YOU!  Going through this deep healing process opens up your desire to live a more authentic existence. It is safe and it is time for you to be honest about who you are. Think back for a moment to your childhood. What were you like? What would you get up to when left to your own devices? Did you love to forage off in the trails hunting for new treasures? Did you live in your imagination creating accessories for your unique amazing world? Were you a bookworm? The mad scientist? A demolition expert? A performer? An organizer? We all had our passions and didn’t think twice about living in the moment and saturating our day with them. Fast forward through high school, college, taking on a serious mortgage  paying, spouse attracting REAL job. Take a hard look at what you do everyday & ask yourself if you are happy like when you were a child? I truly hope some of you answer a resolute YES, but I fear that many of you cannot. Looking back into your childhood is a great place to start finding the clues to what brings about your joy and purpose in life. This flower is so complex, passionate and full of life force & vitality just like…..YOU!Bromeliad_Be_Positive

BE POSITIVE, BROMELIAD is here to support you through some challenging situations that are impacting your journey this weekend. You can change this stressful situation with your thoughts. Create a new, loving, inspiring avenue for your thoughts. Also, choose your words wisely! Throw all the nurturing, loving  and compassionate thoughts & words you can at this situation. Your thoughts create your reality so if you focus on things falling apart then likely that is what will transpire here. What you think about you bring about. Often worry makes us feel like we have control over a situation. In a sense it does, by drawing more negativity towards us. Simply put, we all know the power of a smile. Apply this rule to all situations in your life and see the doors open up. The soft pink colour of the Bromeliad is soothing and calming as you must keep your mind this weekend!

I wish you a wonderful week as you begin your adventures through September. Be well, stay focused and be positive! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, it is greatly appreciated.

This week I am using the FLOWER THERAPY ORACLE CARDS, by Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves.

Namaste – Lisa


4 thoughts on “Weekly Reading September 2 – 8, 2013, Flower Therapy Oracle Cards

  1. So beautiful, thank you Lisa. I love your readings…. It is so personal and filled with love…. I can actually feel it. And always what needs to show up for me. Love and light. Ekta

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