Someone Pressed The Pause Button on Your Life This Week

When your life seems to be happening around you leaving you on the side lines with what feels like no input or control, what can you do about it? Today’s card is advising you to MAKE A DECISION! Deciphering between the situations where you want to embrace the flow of life & when to create some dynamic change is an art form. The ego speaks loudly and the organic flow of life can get swept away by the back & forth dance of indecision.Make_A_Decision

Here is a trick. Take a deep breath & commit to the exercise wholeheartedly. Write down two options on pieces of paper, fold them, mix them up in your hands then place them behind your back. Pick one, open it up and commit 100% to this outcome in your mind. How does it feel? Does panic set in or do you light up like a Christmas tree? This works for decisions big and small. Are you about to get married and feeling unsure, are you looking at taking a new job that requires you to move, are you experiencing a health crisis and need to decide on a path of treatment?

Now that you have made a decision you can embrace this intention and manifest a new path for yourself whole heartedly. That can be even trickier than the decision making…..stay the course and see the magic unfold.

I love that this card came up for today. My weekly Tarot reading for August 26 – September 1, 2013 asks us to make the most of this week with a vacation as progress is at a standstill and now we meet MAKE A DECISION, from the Magical Mermaids & Dolphins Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue. By doing this, we open the doors up for progress.

Have a wonderful week and thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I love your comments and feedback!! What an amazing community we have here. Namaste – Lisa

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