Weekly Tarot Reading For August 26 – September 1, 2013

As the week progresses you will find that projects are not moving forward as quickly as you would like; does it not make perfect sense to get away and enjoy the last few days of these glorious hot August nights? There is nothing to worry about. You have worked hard and it will pay off….just not this week. Be good to yourself, let go of your worries and relax…. in fact, the cards are telling you to take a vacation this week.

I am happy to be using the Angel Tarot cards this week and I LOVE that they are sending messages of summertime vibes and owning your power. I hope that after several months of reading my posts that you are aware of just how amazing and miraculous you are.Six_of_Air

Now lets get down to this weeks business. Although the Six of Air is a beautiful card it has an aura of sadness. Your past struggles have weighed you down.  Making changes at work, at home or in relationships has seemed daunting. Your confidence, purpose and in some cases even depression, have weighed you down. These feelings have kept you from making the necessary choices to alleviate your burdens. The flowing water dripping over the fallen tree indicates that you are about to take a leap of faith, you will feel a bit like you are jumping off a cliff.  This is the end of a challenging time for you and you are headed in the right direction!! When you embrace the fear and do something extraordinary you can change your vibrational energy. In one reading I did, this card indicated a job change into a field working with boats!

The moment is here to sail off to new shores & vantage points and guess who has come to fill you up with confidence to take this momentous journey? The Magician!!  He is a reminder that you have everything you need deep inside of you. That you behold the gifts to go after your dreams. I love that he has come to support you at a time when you need that extra boost of confidence.The_Magician

Do not allow fear based thoughts to penetrate your new direction as you overcome past challenges. This often happens as you break old habits; friends, family and co-workers can reject this new you and make you question your new behaviour, hobbies, career path, spirituality, etc. Stay the course!!

AA Raziel’s halo and robe are a rainbow, symbolizing a promise of hope as he stands in a field of lilies signifying his intention is pure. We are all trying our best in any given moment after all. The field of white lilies tell us that he is pure of heart. We can clearly see through the arch with all of the lush blooming red & pink flowers above and below it. This tells us no knowledge is secret and there is nothing to be afraid of.

Whatever new project you have been dreaming for yourself, wether it is gathering up the courage to talk to a love interest, to your boss about a new project or a raise, a home renovation or something else. You are wise and powerful and need to own it. Now is a good time to go for it! Just expect to wait a bit for any movement in the matter as per our next card…. the Seven of Earth

To cultivate true happiness you must be patient; nothing worth having is ever easy my friends.Seven_of_Earth

The Seven of Earth comes to tell you progress is at a standstill, but do not be deterred from your highest goals. Again we are asked to take a vacation (two cards telling you to get away, not a subtle hint!! lol). If you can’t take a traditional vacation then spend the week doing things that are restorative. Try a meditation or yoga challenge, plan to spend a fun day at the beach…something fun and out of the norm. 

A young fairy is visiting the wise old tree. She wants good news. Sometimes good news comes to us as it needs to rather than how we want it to. Seven branches hold coins of abundance at the end. These coins signify that although the seeds you have planted are not yet in bloom they are so excited to blossom into something beautiful & inspiring in due time! Everything you want is ahead of you, please be patient and have faith.  Show yourself kindness and acknowledge all that you have down to get to this point…it hasn’t been easy. Yes, you still have more work to do, but it will pay off. Release any negativity you are feeling towards this pause, it does not serve you well. 

This will be a wonderful week full of confidence building, relaxation, release and fond memories. Pack your bags, take a camera and turn your phone off!! It will all be waiting for you when you return. Be well, be kind and treat others the way you wish to be treated.

The Angel Tarot are created by Radleigh Valentine & Doreen Virtue. Artwork by Steve A. Roberts.

Peace, grace & love – Lisa

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