Heal The World One Act Of Love At A Time

Choosing LOVE over FEAR will change your entire life. It is in these emotions of fear, anger, lack and frustration that illness is born, dissatisfaction with our lives flourishes and we let our egos rule the roost! I know it is an old cliché, but LOVE truly does conquer all. Your ability to connect with the love within you allows you to be a powerful force of healing. Trust and faith in what can HEAL within our bodies is essential. Today we meet HEALER, from Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.Healer

As I look at the imagery of this card I connect with the ways I use the power of love daily as a coach, a friend and a mother. Our individual energy is so strong and through intention, purpose and practice you can turn it into a healing gift. The purity of intention shines through the loving gaze of this fairy, dressed in white adorned with pure white wings. The young unicorn is unsure & in pain as she gazes away from the HEALER at her side. Sometimes it is a challenge to accept aid, perhaps even overwhelming. Connecting to your source LOVE is a game changer. 

As you read this message today you are either in need of healing love or you being called into service as a healer. As an individual soul you can benefit from furthering your knowledge of healing methods with study, experience and research. I recommend one very basic technique that does take significant dedication and practice, but learning to shift your inner dialogue to more positive loving messages can be a huge resource for healing old wounds. Pay attention to the sound real in your mind and the messages that come at you every day. Are they kind, forgiving, motivating & compassionate or is your inner dialogue dripping in cruel, judgemental, uninspiring & opinionated advice? This can be very helpful to current health issues that have manifested in your body.

If you earn a living as a HEALER, now is the perfect time to take a new course and advance your training at a deeper level of connection.

A related post, Share Your Gift With The World, featuring the cover girl of my very favourite Oracle Card Deck, the powerful Celtic goddess Dana (pronounced – DON-nah). It is one of my favourite single card posts that I have posted on my blog. This is an excellent add on post to the messages here, very beneficial if you are seeking to move into a new HEALING phase of your life. Dana

Have a wonderful summer day! Namaste – Lisa

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