I Present The Power of Joy, One Laughing Buddha At A Time

Today the cards ask you quite simply to LAUGH! When was the last time you had one of those deep belly laughs that went on and on until the tears started to flow and you could barely stand? Your breathing became deep and intense and it likely crossed your mind (and your legs) that you may pee your pants. Think about it….when was the laugh time you laughed that hard? The advice never gets old, laughter is the best medicine. Whatever it is that is tugging at you today, MAITRAYA, the laughing buddha has shown up to invite you to share a belly jiggling laugh. Maitraya_Power_of_joy

When you are making decisions in life, wether they be mundane or profoundly life impacting, follow a path of joy to reach your life’s purpose. We all love being around people who exude joy and make us feel happy. A lot of us think if we suffer enough then we will deserve to be happy. I have been one of those people, not anymore. Joy heals you, joy attracts more of the same and opens doors to your goals and the greater good for us all.

Our ego is very tricky. While we all value our happiness as one of the highest goals to attain, our ego holds us back moment to moment, choice to choice, in our feelings and reactions, again and again. Don’t take your life so seriously, no one else does. Develop some new hobbies that bring you joy, look for the humour in situations and keep your thoughts positive!

This card is bold in colour and simple in design. A rainbow of hope surrounded by bright red for his HUGE energy and glowing yellow sunlight energy for extra happiness.

The Ascended Masters have homework for you today and I think it is a pretty cool assignment. Go out there and have a fall-over-ugly-cry-inducing laugh that leaves you feeling like you just had the best release of your life and are now ready to conquer the world!! Just one rule: try not to pee yourself!!

Today’s card is from the Ascended Master Oracle Cards, by Doreen Virtue.

Enjoy this beautiful and precious day! Namaste – Lisa

7 thoughts on “I Present The Power of Joy, One Laughing Buddha At A Time

  1. Reblogged this on bloomlisa and commented:

    I am feeling like a good belly laugh is in order for us all so here is a reblog of a post I wrote last year on the Power of Joy with Maitraya the laughing buddha, before most of us met. Happy ho ho ho and enjoy!

  2. Don’t know if you follow Abraham-Hicks, but one of the things that Abraham says is that we have about 20-30 lifetimes worth of material in our spiritual vortex. Our problem is we don’t know how to get out of the way of that flowing to us. I have been thinking a lot about laughter and play. That I have a Protestant Ethic approach of work work work and that maybe I need a total shift into play play play. So loved this.

    1. I love Abraham. I have his Ask & It Is Given perpetual calendar on my desk and on my phone for daily guidance!!! May your belly ache and your eyes water from the deep belly laughs coming your way. Laughter is such an amazing healer. Hey, why cry tears of sorrow when you can release them through childlike joy?!?! All good things to you sunshine and best wishes on your journey to play, play, play!

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