Weekly Reading August 12th – 18th, 2013

I am using the nurturing Mother Mary Oracle Card deck for this weeks reading. This deck called me this week, it wanted to deliver the guidance and I can see why. A lot of hurt and frustration is surfacing and a kind and gracious hand can make all the difference when delivering the news! The reading this week is quite different than most. It is a loving, nurturing reminder that your journey in life has many hills and valleys. You are being challenged and staying connected to your GRACE, PATIENCE and faith (WATCHED OVER) will assist you in achieving the best results.Grace_Mother_MaryWe start the week off with GRACE. You have been giving yourself a hard time and not honouring all that you are. As you raise your confidence with a more positive inner dialogue, your life will improve in surprising and enriching ways. A helpful method for re-training old negative patterns is to imagine how Mother Mary might handle this situation. This is equal to the STRENGTH card, which I have written about separately, so beautiful.Patience_Mother_Mary

Mid-week the PATIENCE card comes knocking. Although you feel trapped right now and not patient at all, it is best to have faith in the big picture rather than forcing your own ego based agenda. Take a deep breath, relax and let go. Faith can be tricky. It feels uncomfortable to blindly walk down the path that seems to go nowhere, foolish even. Yet this is what is required to have an exceptional life. Only when you can embrace your fears can they set you free. Watched_Over_Mother_Mary

For the weekend we meet WATCHED OVER. The world is sending out messages constantly that invoke fear and make us question our safety. Please remember that when you feel scared and unsure that you are being watched over. Take comfort in that and let go of these fears. As your fear dissipates so does its power over your life.  Again, faith serves you well here. Inner guidance is an essential tool right now, keep your mind clear and open to receive its messages.

Have a week where you nurture your soul and disengage from the news as best you can. The world is so dialed into the latest and greatest, anything that you need to know about will find you, you can trust me on that! Any other outlets for information that make you feel scared should be avoided also.

Light & love to you all. Thank you so much for stopping by!! Lisa

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