You Are Safe

Today we meet the Archangel that got me into all of this, Archangel Michael. He is our ultimate protector and guardian who can lend us his courage and strength in times of stress, anxiety and hardship. As the patron saint of police officers, he is an icon of these protective qualities. Think of him as the King Pin of all Archangels, the big kahuna if you like.You_Are_Safe

Believe in yourself and the flow of life and you will be taken care of. Give your battle gear a rest and lay it in the hands of our good friends in the next dimension. In this card Archangel Michael tells us, “You Are Safe”, all you have to do is ask. As a highly sensitive person you are often affected by others lower energy. Call upon AA Michael to stay with you and surround you with his royal blue/purplish energy. It is safe to release all of your worry and know that you are connected to source energy, as always.

The imagery of the card conveys trust and strength with the yellows and blues. I love how although he bears a shield and fiery sword, they are held in a relaxed pose. AA Michael does not need to engage in battle the assist you, and neither do you.

I call him every night with my daughters to protect our home and family and to enter our dreams and lend us his courage and strength. I also call upon him when I get into my car and whenever I feel stress coming on. It has taken me a lot of practice to actually remember to call my angels when I need help, but I have come a LONG way this past year and I have to say I can really see the results.

Love & light, Lisa

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