Weekly Tarot Reading August 5th – 11th, 2013

It feels wonderful to be back after a small hiatus from blogging. This week is full of hard work, hectic forward motion, loyal companions and great rewards! With both the Knight of Earth and the Page of Fire, don’t forget to be open to receive this good fortune as help is showing up for you. Your independence can operate as a double edged sword, so beware!!! Opportunity is in the air this week so give your independent streak a summer vacation and make some new alliances.


I love this card. The Knight of Earth screams trustworthiness, loyalty and friendship. I also love how this deck, Angel Tarot, has included “guardian angel” in the card description.  Someone is entering your life early in the week who will step it up for you in a big way, perhaps at work, socially or”behind-the-scenes”.  This lone knight sits astride his gentle steed. This horse is captivating and for me, she ( I think it is a strong well balanced female) absolutely steals the card! Her size is not intimidating and overbearing as with many noble steeds and her colour is a soft & gentle brown conveying masculinity, stability & peace. She looks at you with an inviting glance, beckoning you to come along for the ride. I want to jump into this card and see where this journey takes me! The horse has taken the Knight on a long journey through mountainous terrain, taking a moment to pause as a majestic wind swirls around them blowing out into the ravine. This wind is source energy and signifies that you are always supported & never alone. Eight_of_Fire

Mid week brings us the Eight of Fire, which I have written about before, you can read  about it here.  I have come to love seeing this card in my readings as it signifies a pivotal time of change, no matter what. Life will kick you in the butt when you don’t listen to the guidance that comes from your intuition/angels/source energy/God, call it whatever you are guided to.

The imagery in the card shows what first appears to be random currents of energy from the swords as they swirl about in every direction, yet they are all part of a divinely guided master plan. There is a flow and connection to the dragon headed & jewel encrusted wands. This is a high energy and high functioning card. The largest wand & dragon in the front represents the need to focus on one thing at a time while the large red ruby is the intense passion you are cultivating at this time. Your passion is at an all time high and intimately intwined with your tools of manifestation.

You have been dissatisfied with something of great significance in your life lately. Change is in the air and it CAN take you where you want to go. Don’t get distracted with all the different things going on. Continue to have quiet time where you can stay focused on the big picture and not let your ego run the show. Quiet time means many different things to many different people so meditate, go for a walk in nature, read a book or write in your journal – whatever fills up your soul and clears away all the chatter of life, smart phones and our minds.Page_of_Fire

I have also written about Page of Fire back in the spring when all I was pulling was Fire cards. Summertime is bringing a flow of creativity into your life and a major shift is occurring. Things are opening up for you at work right now.  Here with the Page of Fire, you can clearly see that you hold it “all” in the palm of your hand. And your dragon friend, who represents passion, creativity & life purpose, has got your back! I love how he is in a protective stance overlooking the horizon. The rainbow wings on the dragon represent hope of a new exciting opportunity. The white city in the background is a foundation of purity. As for the Page, she is staring you down in a way that you just know she means serious business. Don’t listen to all those excuses your ego loves to make like “it really isn’t such a good time for you to make a change like this” or “you really should wait until you….” – fill in the blank for yourself – you know what your negative self talk story is. It is time to break the chains – literally!! The Page of Fire is coming to you as an energetic force of nature supporting you and guiding you.

Take a moment and focus on her gaze, what feelings come about? Take a few moments to think about what you want to attract into your life right now and open your eyes to opportunities that may already be right in front of you. You can forge ahead with the excitement and confidence of this young Page.

If you meet someone or have recently met someone who resembles this description, embrace the relationship and trust your inner voice. We are being strongly supported to live a life that reflects our individual life purpose with everything in us. Please remember that the minor arcana signify changes in our day to day lives. We aren’t looking for HUGE, DRAMATIC changes like moving, relationships ending, etc. We are looking for connections to our core that ignite our passion so we can take on those major life changes when they DO present themselves. Then, and only then you can make decisions from your heart, leading you down the path to your life purpose.

After you read this post go and do something creative, something inspiring or call a friend who makes you feel that way and connect!

Thank you for joining me this week! The cards are drawn from the Angel Tarot, by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine. Artwork by Steve A. Roberts.

Blessings to you & have a wonderful week of inspiration & opportunity, Lisa!!!


11 thoughts on “Weekly Tarot Reading August 5th – 11th, 2013

  1. Oh Lisa, I finally got them, they are the most beautiful deck of cards I ever had or saw. I got a new book on tarot that has a lot of decks I had owned, Crowley deck which is pretty and a couple others but I LOVE these Angel Tarot. LOVE!

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