Share Your Gift With the World

Today we meet the cover girl of my very favourite Oracle Card Deck, the powerful Celtic goddess Dana (pronounced – DON-nah). Dana

During this year of intense change (sometimes blissful and other times not so much!!) you are growing and blooming into your true self. Part of this journey is accepting that you hold within you ancient wisdom. This wisdom must be used to inspire others who are ready to wake up. Never forget, that when the student is ready the teacher appears. This wisdom is special and realizing that you must share it with others is essential. Yes, YOU!

Just as the flutter of a butterfly wing creates an energy that reaches all around the planet, your gifts of spiritual teaching to a single human being could be the one random act of kindness that takes this game to the next level for all of us!! So whether you have a huge social media following, publishing contracts or are just beginning to make a splash in the pond – believe in your power. Even a Buddhist monk, chanting mantra in solitude for hours a day year after year will one day rise and walk down the mountain to spread teachings to the students below. Imagine what would be lost if he stayed in the cave?  To quote Spiderman (just so I don’t get too heavy on you), “With great power comes great responsibility.” You are a soul just like the monk; you too must own the responsibility.

Dana wears a necklace of the globe over her throat chakra, symbolizing the need to communicate with the world. There is a crescent moon over her third eye symbolizing our spiritual connection to the universe. The card is dense in yellow signifying your knowledge and the happiness it spreads.Find some inspiration through furthering your studies, embracing your leadership qualities and honouring your own divinity.

Dana is one of the most ancient of the Celtic Goddesses. Call upon her for assistance in manifestation, alchemy & divine magic. Dana is extremely powerful and magical. Sounds like fun to me!! We operate with free will so you do have to ASK for assistance. The more you call upon your angels and ascended masters throughout the day, the more in the flow of life you will be.

On another note, next week’s reading will also use Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance cards. Love these ladies!!

Have a wonderful day and many blessings to you. Lisa

3 thoughts on “Share Your Gift With the World

  1. Dear Lisa,
    Thank you for this card reading. Just as I was beginning to question my spiritual path and teaching others, I read this mail from you.
    And yes now I agree, even if I touch one life… I would be successful and walking my path… I don’t really need to have a massive fan following.

    I am doing a management course, while working and handling family full time… And I am so overwhelmed….. With all of it.
    I love the part of your message where it says find inspiration by furthering your studies, embracing your leadership and honouring ur divinity.

    Thank you

    1. Ekta, Thank you so much for you comment. When I receive feedback like yours, it is such a wonderful motivator for me!!!! I too have a family and a “real” job and am taking baby steps toward a spiritually based career path as my little ones are at such a precious stage. Even if you can manage 15 minutes a day, it adds up to a lot of forward motion over the course of a month, a year…a lifetime. You are wonderful earth angel. Be good to yourself and remember that unlimited abundance lives within you. You are working so hard in service to your family & it is overwhelming at times. As it is for so many of us. Many blessings to you Ekta & have a wonderful day!!! Thank you again.

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