Weekly Angel Tarot Reading for July 8th – 14th, 2013

This week the cards are all about logic, structure and decision making. Decision making can be a huge burden when there is a lot on the line. When you are exhausted it is particularly hard to even know where to begin – enter King of Air & The Emperor. Please remember to start the week off with some self care so you have the inner resources to rise to the challenge. No summer vacation for you….sorry!Four_of_Air

Monday and Tuesday we meet the Four of Air.  A little bit more of what you did last week, but here it revolves around a definitive feeling of sorrow.  You are feeling run down and in many cases exhausted. You definitely need to carve some alone time into your schedule here. This could mean going to bed a little earlier, getting up a little earlier to meditate ( I do this before work otherwise I wouldn’t find the time), put off making a decision or getting some much needed rest as you are EXHAUSTED! Also, I feel that a taxing situation has been taking it’s toll on you. Love yourself, be kind to yourself and know that you are not alone. There are four unicorns in this card. The sleeping white unicorn in the centre is you getting some rest and feeling a bit beat up. The black & brown unicorns in the left-hand side of the card are here to tell you that you are not alone and there are people who have noticed that you have not been yourself. They are genuinely concerned about you. It could be members of your family, friends, your angels, co-workers, neighbours and of course God all have your back. Whoever pops into your mind right now is likely the answer. Help & support can come from anywhere – sometimes all it takes is being open to it. The lone unicorn on the right is representing someone watching out for you from the side lines that you are not aware of a guardian angel either in spirit or in the flesh. REMEMBER: it is never as bad as we spin it in our own minds. You are tired and having difficulty staying in a positive mind set. Do not let your mind run away on you and bring your energetic vibration down. You are awesome, you just need to slow down and fill up your tank.King_of_Air

Mid week we meet the King of Air. Most likely a mature male will enter your life on Wednesday or Thursday and give you some valuable advice that will help take this burden off of your mind. You have been struggling to find clarity this week and this person is a trusted guide to help you along your path. This person is highly intelligent, impartial and excels in their field of expertise. He has an air about him that breathes confidence, professionalism and motivation. This week is all in your head & this card is just one piece of the puzzle. It is a critical decision making week so remember to be fair, to yourself (rest) & to others while staying out of your ego when making decisions. Embody the characteristics of the King of Air as you address this situation & as you gather information. The artwork has him riding alone through wild terrain perpendicular to the other unicorns who are standing on a clearly laid path. There is no doubt in his mind that the off-the-beaten path he has chosen is the right one. There is a subtle glowing hue of blue rising from the unicorns horns, symbolizing fairness and honesty. Keep your emotions out of it, this is about clarity & fairness.The Emperor

The weekend brings our good friend and trusted advisor Archangel Michael in The Emperor.  Archangel Michael is a protector and a force of courage and strength in our lives. Here in The Emperor,  he is depicted as a strong, tough leader sitting in his throne with a sword drawn but off to the side and a sceptre of power in his hand. He has come inside into his castle to rule from his mind, not his brawn. As with you, the time has come for discipline and structure. I know it is summertime and you want to go out and soak up the sun and forget about your responsibilities….which is why he has come to see us. Work first, play second. This is also why he has a lute at his feet, to soften him up and bring some feminine energy into all this rule making for life. If you want to advance in this life you have to set up some structure and create a plan. You have a wonderful vision for your life, but you need some guide lines to see them come true. Don’t be indecisive, take charge and make things happen. Keep believing in yourself! If you can get yourself more organized, the sky is the limit for your career, your success and fulfilling your life purpose. You can call upon AA Michael anytime you need some extra courage & strength.

In summary, you have some important decisions to make this week. The King of Air paired with The Emperor makes for some seriously powerful guidance & support in getting to where you want to go. Lucky lucky. Get some extra sleep, accept help when it is provided and take some time to set some goals and make a plan for a balanced approach to your future. You can do it (that is the life coach in me talking)!

This week I am using The Angel Tarot by the lovely and talented Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. Artwork is by Steve A. Roberts.

Have a wonderful week everyone and thank you so much for stopping by my little blog. Love, light & goodnight, Lisa


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