Weekly Oracle Card Reading July 1st – 7th, 2013

It is time to embrace the reality that you came to this earth to live an extraordinary life. Not a “good enough” life, not a “I don’t need to be greedy” life, but an incredible, fantastic, abundant, mind-blowingly blissful life. The cards continue to ask you to release what no longer serves you, find peaceful moments and most importantly (I feel) to reach for the stars as you move forward.

I like how the cards flow so nicely both in their message and in their artistic vision. Time to Move On by Jonathon Earl Bowser is soft, flowing, feminine and nurturing as it asks you to release. Contemplation Time by Tracey Corinne is reminiscent of Paul Gauguin’s Post-Impressionist work from Tahiti. It is pure, primitive and natural as it asks you just be. Then in Set Your Sights Higher by Patricia Williams, the imagery is focused, abstract and basic. The simplicity of the drawing allows the message to shine through like a ray of light through a prism.

Alright, let’s get to it!!Time_To_Move_On

We see the beautiful goddess Sulis here in Time to Move On  for Monday and Tuesday. There is something new waiting for you, but you need to release this past situation for it to actualize in your life. She asks you to have faith and meditate or pray for peace and release. Once you mentally let go and put your faith in the future, the flow of your best life will manifest into reality. She calls you to the ocean or any body of water as a place of purification and cleansing. Leave the drama of the crashing waves behind you and walk towards the shore and embrace something new. Even the sky breaks from the clouds at sea as this powerful goddess approaches shore.contemplation

I love that this card is followed by Contemplation Time for Wednesday and Thursday. The cards have been asking you to release for weeks now. If you are a loyal follower of my blog, then you are well aware of this. I feel strongly that there is a heaviness that is hanging over many of you. With your hectic lives you are not spending the required time to release! Although we now live in a society of instant gratification, there are still many many things that take TIME! 2013 is a HUGE year for spiritual awakening and change. Take the time to get really quiet and focus on what it is you truly desire. Keep your thoughts positive and keep your eye on the big picture. Do not get burdened by your to do list, put your smart phone in another room on mute or leave it at home while you go for a nature walk at the beach or on your favourite trail. When arrive in your mind that distract you from this stillness of mind, simply recognize that they are natural and return back to your focused intention. Surround yourself with an environment that brings you peace and meditate/pray/commune with nature/swim in the ocean/walk a labyrinth/be still.Set_Your_Sights_Higher

Friday, Saturday & Sunday brings us Set Your Sights Higher. We often forget that we are actually here to live extraordinary lives. Forget about “good enough” and embrace a future that aligns with your inner guidance. The artwork shows a winged mermaid transcending from the confines of the waters, almost as if she is floating up. She rises up into the sky to touch a 3 dimensional star with the colours of the chakras or the rainbow signifying balance and hope. A golden ribbon of energy flows from this star, filling her up with a new purpose, balance and confidence. As the card says, “Increase your standards and expect more for yourself. Don’t settle!”

Alright people, I want to see some new cards next week that acknowledge all of the serious release that you have done. You have homework – meditate, pray and release!!!!! Wonderful opportunities are waiting for you. Go forth and prosper:)

With the onset of summer break I have been drawn to the ocean once again; this week I am using Doreen Virtue’s Magical Mermaids and Dolphin Oracle Cards.

You are pure light and love in essence, live the dream!! Have a wonderful week of release and new beginnings. Namaste, Lisa

8 thoughts on “Weekly Oracle Card Reading July 1st – 7th, 2013

  1. hmmm Im getting the same cards for myself when ever I do a reading, I guess we’re all finding it hard to trust and let go of old limiting beliefs (me included!) and have confidence in ourselves to be who we came here to be. I find it frustrating sometimes though because I feel like Im so ready to let these things go but as the weeks go by I realise Im still holding myself back. I shall meditate on this! x

    1. Thank you for your comment. We are creatures of habit and our egos are such powerful forces of self sabotage. I have been working a lot with the heart chakra and green healing light meditations, give it a try. Happy meditating & remember to keep a sense of humour about it all!!

  2. Right on the mark this week Lisa! I personally am being called to Sedona and this is the week I am venturing there to see what transpires as I have also been pulling the cards to move on, time is of the essence, a new beginning. Thank you for your readings.

  3. love this! so many of us have been so conditioned to think that life is about struggle or working hard…or, at the very least, we weren’t taught that it is about joy and expansion. the more i open to joy, though, the more it reveals itself, until joy becomes the ‘norm’. but is still ever-expansive. thank you for another beautiful message! : ) aleya

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