Tarot Reading June 24 – 30, 2013

The message this week is not subtle. The cards are telling you to be soft yet strong while you make some clear cut decisions. Your true strength lies in your ability to find a peaceful resolution, not to fight. When you open your heart and eradicate the walls of fear, you take a hop, skip and a jump down the winding road of happiness.

Monday and Tuesday we meet STRENGTH featuring the lovely Archangel Ariel. Strength_Angel_TarotThe STRENGTH card is not a card of brute strength and force but rather guides us to identify with the strength within. When you truly connect with your compassion, your faith (whatever that is), your kindness & your purpose, you can then let go of fear based thinking. This is your true strength, the ability to love and let go of what has passed.

The STRENGTH card is full of beautiful and subtle imagery. The doves signify the importance of peace as AA Ariel heads off to battle leaving all that feels familiar behind. There are two doves flying low in the long grass and a single dove adorned on the centre of her shield. AA Ariel’s shield and halo are a radiant purple, signifying compassion, sensitivity, understanding and power. The gigantic tiger she rides off to battle is a well recognized symbol of power and strength and a twist on the more traditional image of a lion. The ultimate challenge is to recognize the importance of moderation. When our ego rises up in the face of fear and we feel the need for intensity and charging forward, remember your true strength – compassion.

The rainbow represents a spiritual awakening as the light shines into the darkness. There is always hope no matter how dire a situation seems. The lovely AA Ariel is strongly connected to nature. She represents our need for inner healing and manifestation. As we enter an unprecedented time of increased global volatility – religion, economics, food production, environmental sensitivities and child poverty – it is vital to embrace our softer sides. 

A little more on this card at the end…I love the way it all connects this week. The cards are so amazing!!!Two_of_Earth

Wednesday and Thursday bring us the Two of Earth. 

The artwork on this card is bright and playful adorned with a rainbow of hope across the sky. Her bright red hair symbolizes passion, strength and energy yet her face & body language tell a different tale. This magical woodland fairy is juggling too many balls right now and is heavy hearted. You have lost sight of balance and are feeling overwhelmed. You are being strongly advised by the STRENGTH card to release any harsh feelings or judgements. Now is the time to connect with your playful side and approach life with a sense of ease and light heartedness, the pieces have a way of falling into place. Perhaps you are ready to let go of your old job as you embrace an entrepreneurial venture. If not, make a new business plan and create your strategy to make that happen in the next 6 months, 1 or 2 years. If you are an employee at a company, as you embrace this playful spirit, it is time for you to write out your current issues, future plans and strategize for a happier new you. Do something silly just because…..embrace your inner child! Remember, you have been feeling overwhelmed so any decisions you are making should alleviate the burden, not add to it. Trust your intuition.Two_of_Air_Angel_Tarot

The weekend brings the Two of Air. The locked unicorn horns make a crystal clear statement about what is going on. There are sparkling stars of wonder surrounding these two, but they are too focused on their issues to see the magnificent beauty & opportunity that surrounds them. Sound familiar?

Following the Two of Earth, we are entering the weekend almost in battle mode. It is noteworthy to mention that we have two cards from the “two’s” of the Minor Arcana telling you to make decisions. You are in limbo, under too much pressure and it is suffocating you. This is where our friend STRENGTH adds a much needed touch of grace! You have been going back and forth and back again in your mind on this issue and it is creating serious suffering for you. Just as AA Ariel heads of to war, you are at war with yourself. Again, remember the STRENGTH card!! She is so subtle sneaking in at the top of the week. Think of her as a trusted advisor arriving right before the storm hits. You are releasing a lot of energies this week after the Super Moon and she is here asking you to release this fear, this indecision, all the multi-tasking. The Two of Earth and the Two of Air are clearly telling you to MAKE A DECISION!!!!

Considering the suits of earth and air, this decision is focused around work, your home or your health. That new direction you have been dreaming of takes some decisiveness on your part if you want to see some resolution and progress.

A side note – I have written about the STRENGTH card and the Two of Earth and have used some previous material in this post. The cards are making it easy for me to write this post this week!! Thank you angels!

This weeks cards are from the Angel Tarot Deck by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine with artwork by Steve A. Roberts.

Wishing you a wonderful week from Port Moody, BC in Canada. Peace, grace & love – Lisa

5 thoughts on “Tarot Reading June 24 – 30, 2013

  1. Dear Lisa,

    Very beautifully and aptly articulated readings. They hold true for me as I am working on a strategy for my company… Which I have to present this Friday. Strength, delegating ,appreciating goodness around and having faith that in the end it all falls together is so important for me right now.

    1. I am so happy to hear that and thank you for stopping by & sharing your sentiment. Best wishes at work this week. Go with the flow and stay in your heart. Have a wonderful week!

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