Is Super Moon Energy Rising Up In Your Life – Here is Some Guidance for Release

You know those special people in your life who have the ability to send your blood pressure through the roof with a look? Those blessed souls who turn your zen-like state of grace upside down with one remark? Yes, I thought so. We all know these people. As much as we wish we didn’t…these people are our greatest teachers. AvalokitesvaraToday we meet an amazing soul and a real tongue twister, Avalokitesvara. Wow, that was even hard to type!! As we come upon the Super Moon and all of it’s powerful energy, energies are ramping up in all manners. I am sure you have noticed it in your life, I know that I have. Avalokitesvara is telling you to take a moment to see an area of conflict from another point of view. When we can ease back into the mindset that everyone (yes, everyone) is doing te best they can in each moment at their level of consciousness, we can let go of judgement and embrace compassion. This includes your inner dialogue about yourself too. Taking a moment to see someone else’s point of view is a powerful tool, try it today and see what new doors open for you!

The art of non-attachment is tricky but well worth the effort. Non-attachment is not about setting your convictions aside, but rather doing the best you can at all times while releasing your attachment to the outcome. This will raise your energetic vibrations and you will be happier. And come on, who doesn’t want to be happier?

On a less spiritual note, I was into Oprah quite heavily in the early 2000’s when Dr. Phil was a regular on her program. There is a Dr. Phil-ism that as a parent and wife I think about daily. “Would you rather be happy or right?”  You know the truth when you hear it and that Texas-born “mantra” has saved me a LOT of grief. Ego is ego and it is best to walk away, heck run away of you have to, whenever one is on a rampage near you!!

Visually, this card is very balanced. We have feminine pink flowers, a belt & a large orb placed directly behind his head showing his passiveness. This is set against a peaceful blue backdrop representing his remarkable understanding. The ornate framing of the card is a blend of light reds, pinks and predominately brown, stabilizing the card with his masculine qualities. I find this card to be almost androgynous in design. I like to meditate on the cards and connect with the feelings they impart and I recommend you do the same. The artwork is genius and conveys a deep sense of purity, peacefulness and balance.
kuan_yinAvalokitesvara is considered to be the male energy counter to the goddess of compassion, one of my most frequent cards personally, the lovely Kuan Yin (Also known as Quan Yin, seen here in the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue). He is hanging with us humans until all of humanity is free. Call upon him (if you can pronounce his name, lol) for assistance in your spiritual growth. Or call upon Kuan Yin to connect more deeply with your compassion. The challenge is on.

And remember to go outside during the full moon this weekend or whenever there is a full moon and soak up the energy. It is always surprising to me that people understand that the moon controls the tides but cannot comprehend that it has a pull over life on earth as well. If you are a crystal lover, put your crystals somewhere so that they can soak up some of the energy too.

Peace, grace & love to you. Have a wonderful day! Lisa

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