Weekly Reading for June 17th – 23rd, 2013

This coming week brings about deep reflection, connection to self and the manifestation of your desires. There is a very healing and feminine energy dominating the cards this week. Last week you released some old baggage so that you could begin a deep soulful connection. This week’s message is reminding you to stay true to yourself as you begin to intimately connect with another soul. I have decided to shake up the weekly reading and use my very inspiring Oracle Cards by the lovely and talented Doreen Virtue – Magical Messages from the Fairies.express_individuality_fairies

We begin the week with Express Your Individuality. We see a strong willed woman dressed in the power colour of purple looking up at the sky with confidence. I feel she is thinking, “The sky is the limit for me, bring it on!”. The little dog at her ankle reminds us that we are never alone and that we are always loved. Monday and Tuesday are days to really show up to the situations that present themselves in your life. You have been worrying lately about what someone thinks of you and it is time to stop!! Please embrace the idea that when it comes to opinions of you – you are the only one who counts. In the end, as in the END of this round… no one else’s opinion will mean squat to you!! Do something that you love, wear something that you love, create something that you love or listen to something that you love….or even better….do all of the above!! spring_fairies

Midweek, we see the harmonious, angelic and gentle beauty of the Spring card. Take a moment to look at this card and pay attention to how you feel. The artwork of this card makes it one of my favourites in this deck; it is so comforting, fresh & stimulating. There is a radiant light shining towards the sweet little fairy from the newly transformed butterfly. The butterfly is infusing this angelic little one with amazing manifestation powers. As you have been working hard at manifesting your truest desires this card is here to tell you it is paying off! Spring is turning into summer and as the flowers bloom, so are your desires. When you put 100% of your focus, energy and faith into something you too can transform your life into something as beautiful as this butterfly. As with the seasons, this card signifies a time of change. You can spring clean, feel increased fertility, plant a garden or blossom into a new life role. Each flower has symbolic meaning: pansies open up your third eye, the gently budding rose bush signifies the abundance you have manifested and the predominant image of the peony represents healing love & energy. Enjoy this time..especially after the courage you displayed the last two days expressing your true self!! I love it.fairies_forgive

For the weekend we need to open our hearts again, just like last week with Release it looks like there is some residual pain lingering in your mind and here is Whom Do You Need to Forgive. As you manifest your desires you really need to put an end to the “bad guys” renting space in your head….for FREE!  Let it go for your own sake. The imagery here is soft and angelic and just as in the Spring card we see this transformative healing light. You can try several things here to find peace. You can write a letter that you either send or burn (both bring about significant release depending on who you are & your healing style). You can go outside into nature and say a prayer for forgiveness and release. Do a visualization meditation where you imagine the radiant, healing light as you see in the cards coming towards you, surrounding yourself like the chrysalid of a butterfly. Next, feel this radiant light flowing through your chakras. As it moves its way from your Root Chakra up through to your Crown Chakra, feel the light evaporating the anxiety, tension and stress, releasing it for good. See it rushing out of your Crown Chakra up into the skies, rushing out of you with great force and velocity. Goodbye!!! Visualization exercises can be your best friend.

So…you have some work to do this week but you also have the amazing power of your manifestations creating a better life for you! It is through our greatest challenges that we reap the sweetest rewards after all.

Thanks for joining me here on my page. It really has become so near and dear to my heart. This is a page for caring and sharing and I appreciate all the Likes and Comments that are left behind on your journey. Have an amazing week of self discovery and release. Light & love, Lisa!

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8 thoughts on “Weekly Reading for June 17th – 23rd, 2013

  1. This sounds like a very interesting blog. I have followed to keep up with your weekly readings. At least then i can read it when I am free in the evenings. Thanks for making the butter cake. Have a wonderful week!!!

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