Our Greatest Teachers

“It’s easy to forgive people who have never done anything to make us angry. People who do make us angry, however, are our most important teachers. They indicate the limits to our capacity for forgiveness.” – Marianne WilliamsonSunset Tofino Sept 09

Life provides us with the guidance we NEED more often than the guidance we WANT. It is from these challenging people and situations that we learn the most, grow the most, develop the most, appreciate the most, laugh the most and love the most.

It is only when we are deprived of something we once cherished that we can deepen our appreciation for it, it is after life altering pain that we strive for a truly loving & peaceful existence and it is through painstaking loss & suffering that we learn to rise up out of our pity parties and reach for the stars.

If only we could live every day like it were our last. If only we could prioritize better. To realize how important it is to express our love to those who count right this moment; perhaps it is the last time you ever get the chance. Even when they stomp on our hearts and chew up our souls….let the sun set on your anger. It is through gratitude for these painful lessons that the most beautiful experiences will bloom in your life. Trust me, I know this all too well. I sit here with a smile on my face and a thank you on my lips for each and every experience that led me to this moment in a life that I love.

Don’t let negativity rent space in your head ( as best you can…we are all human after all).

Choose love. Choose peace. Choose you.

Have a wonderful day! Love & light all, Lisa!!

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