Weekly Tarot Reading for June 10 – 16th, 2013

This week you will release the old to make room for the new and what a beautiful and loving “new” awaits you!!!  A  journey of your heart is underway and midweek, the Release card is telling you to let something go if you want to fully experience all of the sweetness that has shown up for you.

Earlier this year, the cards were all about life purpose, finding your passion and defending the significant shifts that were taking place. It is part of the natural cycle of change to see cards of love & new beginnings drifting into our timeline right now. You are attracting new energies that are more in line with your nature; true love & soul mate connections are being drawn to you through the Law of Attraction. I love it!!! Now, I have to tell you that I use the term soul mate in a non-traditional sense. It is a soul who you have danced with before and continue to have karma with. This is a person you are meant to be playing with as a friend, trusted advisor or a life partner in many lives. You know that feeling when you meet someone and the flow of the conversation is incredible? It makes you feel as if you have known them for years rather than minutes? Or a familiar sensation when you encounter someone and know that you need to get to know that person better? Well…enter this week;)


We start the week off meeting the Ace of Water. This is a card of new beginnings. It could be your romantic love life, a friendship, your connection to self (self love is the most important of all the forms of physical love after all) or your spirituality. You will be feeling a lot of joy and happiness this week and it is wonderful. You have become highly intuitive so trust that side of yourself. You are realizing the difference between the guidance of your inner voice and that of your ego… and you recognize it in others too! This feels wonderful so enjoy the connection!!Release_Angel_Tarot

Sometime in the middle of the week you will have some major epiphanies about some baggage you are holding onto as we meet the Release card from the Major Arcana. In traditional tarot this is the dreaded death card…..but as you can see in this warm and sensitive artwork of the card it feels a lot different. The end of a cycle is a death of sorts and THIS is the true meaning of The Death card. The white horse is part of the traditional artwork, you see her comforting her foal in a time of sadness and loss. The Release card is asking you to move on, let it go and head in a positive new direction. Archangel Azrael is here to guide you on the way as he stands in a field of vanilla white roses. These flowers invoke feelings of comfort & they represent a re-birth and the purity of his intention. There is a phoenix on the front of AA Azrael’s robe who is bringing blessings to you. One last thing about the detailed and symbolic artwork (which is why I LOVE this deck so much), there are two towers in the background are for The High Priestess and The Moon representing the strength & power of your psychic abilities. Please remember, that although we live in a society of immediate gratification, you cannot rush through this process. You are here at the end of the path with nowhere to hide. This is the time to stand in the situation and bloom from it.

AA Azrael is the natural choice for this card as he is know as “The Angel of Death”. His main role is guiding people as they cross over from this world. He can connect souls with their loved ones after they pass over.

No pain no gain people. You are transforming right now through compassion, learning and healing. Think of this new love entering your life as a gift for all your hard work. Take some time to go into deep meditation and release all of the ties to things that no longer serve you. If you don’t have a meditation practice, perhaps this is the perfect opportunity to try it out. Also, the time has come to purge yourself of any physical reminders that you may be holding onto (pictures, mementos, things you bought together, etc) and do some affirmations about your new outlook on life and how say, “I release any ties to (*the past on this issue*). If this relationship is one of self all of this advice applies equally to you.Two_of_Water

We end the week with another water card in the Two of Water. This week really is all about love!  Now that you have let go of your baggage (Congratulations!) you have room for something new and wonderful in your life. This friendship or romance is deepening and you feel a new level of contentment & joy around the relationship. You are attuned to your nature in a way that is stronger than ever before and you are bringing your “A” game to the table. You can forgive yourself and others for wrong doing and resolve conflicts easily.

The artwork in this card conveys togetherness and abundance. You can see how the sun shines down through the waters only the happy couple.

Now, for those of you who are already in a committed relationship, this doesn’t mean you need to go out and fall in love with someone else. This sequence is telling you that the shifts and changes that you have been making are paying off. You are owning your life and passions and comfortable with who you are. Your partner and true friends are accepting you as you graciously move in this new direction. As it says on the Two of Water, “A relationship that continues to grow deeper. Forgiveness. The positive resolution of a conflict.” Relationships are like roller coasters and you are on an upward swing, enjoy it.

I am using the Angel Tarot Cards by Radleigh Valentine & Doreen Virtue with artwork by Steve A. Roberts.

 Have a wonderful week of intimacy and connection. Love & light, Lisa!!!

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