Gratitude is The Key

“Gratitude is the first step on the path to your best life.” – Lisa van Reeuwyk


I can’t be 100% that I coined this line, but I have been a huge fan of gratitude for over a decade now and believe this sentiment in the depths of my soul. Life throws the full gamut at you day in and day out. Honing in your abilities to be grateful can make all the difference in your level of happiness. A gratitude journal is a good way to get going if this practice is new to you. I have found that creating the very first conscious thought in the morning be one of gratitude, sets your day off on the right foot. Louise Hay taught me to thank my bed for a great nights rest which I have been doing every morning now for over a year. It enables a mindset of looking for things that make you happy from the moment your day begins. This mindset will make you happier, more peaceful and loving. Gratitude really does bring about abundance – your perception is reality and that is what this quote is all about.

We all have thoughts about things that bother us. The key is shifting your thoughts over time so that you can quickly get back to a place of gratitude. Every aspect of life teaches us something, so go with the flow! Be grateful for the lesson and how it will serve you well in the future. A mindful practice of gratitude is a tool that serves you for the rest of your life.

Today I am grateful for  healthy children, good friends, my loving husband, my excellent neighbours, the kale growing in my garden, the smell of morning coffee, flush toilets, my meditation practice, having a yoga studio, swimming pool and gym within 2 minutes of my front door, hearing my girls laughter close in my ear – it is the sweetest music of all, discovering my angels, my beloved tarot & oracle cards, living near the ocean, learning that only love is real, that the season of summer is upon us, tapping into my vulnerability and knowing that it is OK to show it! and so much more….What are you grateful for?

Have a wonderful day everyone! Namaste, Lisa

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