Choose Peace..It Sounds So Simple Doesn’t It?

Today we are inspired by the amazing Paramahansa Yogananda. A mouthful indeed. He is the ultimate peace maker and is well known for bringing yoga and meditation to the western world. The lessons from this card are simple: live in your heart and know that you can always choose a peaceful resolution. Everything we need can be found within. Meditation & yoga will open you up to connect with your inner peace. Take comfort in knowing that the more peaceful you feel the better you will feel. You will be happier, more energetic, more loving and calmer. Call upon Yogananda for guidance on your own spiritual journey as you deepen your connection to spirit and God.

We live in a time of polarities. We often forget that we have more in common with one another than what differentiates us. If it were so easy to live in our hearts then the world would be a very different place. It isn’t easy. In fact it is one of life’s endless challenges. A meditation & yoga practice can bring you the serenity you desire and be a stepping stone towards a happier and more peaceful life. It becomes an unexpected tool that keeps you from going to that blaming, angry, resentful place and empowers you to let the drama wash over your shoulders with the grace of a summer’s breeze.

The blues of this card are very calming & comforting while Yogananda’s orange robes remind us of the power of our spirituality. Gaze or meditate upon the card for a few moments and enjoy a feeling of peacefulness washing over you,


It is nice to see a familiar face. I was first introduced to this character back in 1996 when I lived in Nelson, BC with my high school sweetheart. I tried to so very hard, truly I did, to read his book, Autobiography of a Yogi. But I couldn’t get through it. He popped up again for me late last year through Hay House on iBooks as a .99 download and although I purchased it, I still have not read his book. This card makes me think that today is a not so subtle sign that I should.

Take a deep breath, smile and think of something that makes you feel calm….now go out and do more of it!!

Today’s card is from Doreen Virtue’s Ascended Masters Oracle Cards. Love & light & good night! Namaste, Lisa

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