Weekly Tarot Reading for June 3 – 9th, 2013

Thank you for joining me for this week’s reading. This week revolves around key decisions and connecting to your lighter side.  Sometimes it feels as if your life is being tossed in the air like autumn leaves flirting with a gust of wind. Doubt and uncertainty set in and disarm our best intentions. It is up to you to regain control of the chaos and remember how powerful you are!!!The_Magician

We meet the all-knowing, all-seeing and all powerful card, The Magician featuring Archangel Raziel on Monday & Tuesday. He stands before us with those amazing wings spread, arms open and staff raised ready to manipulate all kinds of matter into anything his mind desires. You must enter this week completely empowered by the knowledge that you are in charge of manifesting your dreams and ultimately creating your own life. The power lies within you to dissipate fear, create harmony and tune into your inner strength – as does The Magician.  He has come out from under the archway (bottom left), revealing his age old secrets, standing in a field of white lilies. These lilies represent the purity of AA Raziel’s intentions. His robe is adorned with the four symbols of the minor arcana – representing balance between the elements. You can see the electromagnetic storm rising around him, as with you, he has the ability to use his energy to create forceful change. No more procrastinating – you actually are ready! Yes you, I really do mean you. The Magician wants you to take control and is telling you clear as the blue sky on a hot summer’s day that you already embody the power within you to manifest your dreams into reality.Five_of_Air

As mid-week arrives there is a definite shift in energy and you are faced with the aftermath of a poor decision. The Five of Air is a card of reflection and action. The unicorns are gathered as if in a circle of gossiping friends. Be careful who you listen to and what advice you take in this matter; not everyone who has been advising you has your best interests at heart. I feel strongly that you should retreat from the pressures of others right now. Play some music, meditate or go for a long walk and listen to the guidance that comes from within. What have you missed? What was motivating you when you made that decision? What is your next step? Who has your back? This circle of unicorns is nestled within a secluded forest surrounded by an almost tangible heaviness; something is off. It is more important how you proceed from this point forward than assigning blame. Holding onto the disappointment, rejection, anger or sadness here has no benefit for you. The process of moving forward is the conduit for your best intentions.  Manifest these intentions and they will right any wrongs that have occurred. Make sure you check your ego at the door before exiting the building!Two_of_Earth
Friday, Saturday and Sunday bring us the Two of Earth. The artwork on this card is bright and playful adorned with a rainbow of hope across the sky. Her bright red hair symbolizes passion, strength and energy yet her face & body language tell a different tale. This magical woodland fairy is juggling too many balls right now and is heavy hearted. You have been ignited by your life passion lately and earlier in the week you made some serious plays to further yourself in new directions with The Magician. You have lost sight of balance and are feeling overwhelmed. The Five of Air  was draining for you as you dealt with the emotion and disappointment of a significant mistake. Now, as you enter the weekend & look at what is going on, take a deep breath, smile and think of a time when you were very happy, playful even. Perhaps it was a first date or a magical moment with a child where you connected with a part inside of you where the dust has  gathered even on your memories. When you connect with your playful side and approach life with a sense of ease and light heartedness, the pieces have a way of falling into place. Perhaps you are ready to let go of your old job as you embrace your entrepreneurial venture. If not, make a new business plan and create your strategy to make that happen in the next 6 months, 1 or 2 years. If you are an employee at a company, as you embrace this playful spirit, it is time for you to write out your current issues, future plans and strategize for a happier new you. Do something silly just because…..embrace your inner child!
This weeks cards are from the Angel Tarot Deck by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine with artwork by Steve A. Roberts.
Embrace your power and have a wonderful week. Love & light all, Namaste, Lisa

2 thoughts on “Weekly Tarot Reading for June 3 – 9th, 2013

  1. thank you for this uplifting message! as i face many changes right now, i’m feeling the need to be in my own space and unplug from the thoughts and opinions (however well-meaning they may be) of others. others’ well-meaningness often perpetuates fear, which keeps us locked in old ways.
    we are very powerful creators – magicians! – and so many of us are waking up to that. it’s an exciting time. have a beautiful day. aleya

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