It Is All In Your Mind

I am a firm believer that the power of our minds can move mountains in our life. When my niece was only a small child I would tell her in tough moments,”Wether you think you can or you think you can’t you are right.” I will always value the power of these words in tough moments.

This morning I am sleepy from the rain and three intense days in Seattle at the Amma retreat. I was tuning into her sweet motherly energy while shuffling my Goddess Oracle Cards. It is of no surprise to me that Lakshmi came to inspire us with her positivity , promises of abundance and sheer radiance.Lakshmi, Bright Future

Lakshmi is a Hindu goddess who wants you to know that you and your loved ones are protected & safe, that by staying positive the bright future you desire will be yours and that you must focus on abundance & set your fears aside as you remember that your fears are what hold you back in life.

Looking at this card makes us feel good and for good reason. This card is rich in gold, yellow and pink. The hues of gold and yellow instill a feeling of hope and prosperity. The sun is radiant and massive as it rises in the background setting the tone for a glorious day. Gold represents wisdom & wealth and the yellow makes us feel happiness, energetic and intelligent.

We see the beautiful lotus flowers floating in the water, radiating energy from her palms, in her golden crown and hanging around her neck. The lotus flower reminds us that incredible beauty can flourish in the harshest environments. It is a flower of deep spirituality. This blossom is strongly connected to the crown chakra and assists in your meditation practice.

Lakshmi is in front of two elephants representing her close connection with the elephant headed deity Ganesh, who is “the overcomer of obstacles”. Together they are an incredible team to call on to increase abundance of all manners into your life.

On a personal note, I took my beautiful 6 year old daughter with me to the Amma retreat along with some very close family friends. We were privileged to receive three Darshan’s together. Sofia was at the front of the line of over 2,000 people to receive a meal from Amma Sunday evening and then sat at the head of the table alongside her for supper. I felt the golden energy flowing into her from Amma and know that this energy is something to  guide our mind sets. I feel so grateful that my lovely Sofia (born in the year of the Golden Pig so no wonder!) has had these blessings. As we arrive home and begin living our daily life back in the fast lane, I will focus on these higher energies and experiences to keep my thoughts centered in a place of abundance.

This card is from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, inspiring artwork by Sue Halstenberg.

Make abundance your mindset and see the doors to your future open up for you. Call upon Lakshmi and Ganesh anytime you are struggling with fears about money or abundance in your life. Have a wonderful day!

Light & love to you! Lisa

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