Weekly Reading for May 27 – June 2, 2013

The reading for this week has a definite theme and the message is compassion. The two major arcana cards for this week signify that as you become more in tune with your life purpose goals major shifts are taking place for you and the King of Water is a reward. When you take a step towards the universe it takes a step towards you.

We start this week off with “Renewal” from the major arcana. The creators of the Angel Tarot wanted to stay true to the message of the original name “Judgement” while creating openness to positive change during the process of evaluating what has passed. The imagery on this card powerfully conveys this message. Although the seas are stormy you and your loved ones are safe in the calm found along the shoreline. The father stands aloof as the mother and daughter are closely connected. The mothers dress glows from her life force.

Archangel Jeremiel works with us during times of transformation which is why he is depicted on this card. We were called to embrace a new life purpose related opportunity the last two weeks and now you must look back at the good and the bad and assess your life as it stands before you. You have set off on a new course and it is essential that you take some quiet moments to evaluate where you have been, how you feel about it and embrace this new path. During this evaluation you can make peace with what has transpired, knowing you were doing the best you could in each moment. Be kind to yourself knowing that “judging” yourself harshly only holds you back.
As we move into Wednesday and Thursday we meet the compassionate, trustworthy and wonderful King of Water. If you come across an old friend or a new one this week, someone who is mature, kind and respected, cultured, spiritual and wise, know that he is worthy of your affection and is someone that you can count on. This man has a strong inner compass and his worldly knowledge is of huge benefit to you.  With all the change lately it is vital that you make strong connections to support you in your day-to-day life. The King of Water can be a trusted advisor, a romantic interest, a friend or a business partner. Think of the King of Water as a soft place to fall when he enters your life. The imagery in this card is bountiful in it’s  dense marine life and colour scheme. The King of Water is surrounded by spirit guardians of the ocean showing us that they have his back as he has ours. He stands in a confidant pose adorned with jewels fit for a King.
When heading into battle, bring your softer side.

When heading into battle, bring your softer side.

As we enter the weekend the lovely and gracious AA Ariel returns in The Strength  card. I did a single card post on her recently that you can read here.  She is here to remind us, as with all the cards this week, that our  strength is not determined by forging into battle with shield drawn and sword raised, but rather by our connection with our compassion for others and human error. It is in the moments of grace under fire that we truly show how strong we are. You have been battling this week with some decisions you have made lately and AA Ariel wants you to be kind to yourself. holding on to criticisms and judgements only limits your potential to be the best YOU possible. Forgive yourself, forgive your parents, your friends your co-workers. Let it go. Focus on your strength. Look at everything that you have accomplished and the obstacles which you have overcome to get where you are. You are remarkable and you should know that deep in your soul, yes I am talking to you!! If you are worried about money and are caught up in financial concerns right now, try to shift your focus on what you are grateful for and let the abundance flow from there.
I love that the week starts with Renewal and ends with Strength.  We can be are own worst enemies and strongest force holding back abundance and joy in our daily life. These cards are a reminder to keep your thoughts positive as you manifest those thoughts into your life. Take a deep breath and smile. Everything will be more than ok!
You have changed your life and now it is time to pause & reflect to let it all sink in. As you better acquaint yourself with your new roles, open up to trusted individuals while owning your true strength as softness rather than harshness. For the week of May 27 – June 2, 2013 I am using the Angel Tarot by Radleigh Valentine & Doreen Virtue with artwork by Steve A. Roberts.
Have a wonderful week and thank you so much for dropping by my little blog. It brings great joy. Love & light -Lisa

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