Flush it Out for Summer

As we shift into the bountiful season of summer, mother nature provides a cornucopia of fresh, organic, GMO free, nutritious & natural food for us to eat.farmersmarket

Say goodbye to your harsh cleaning products and fill up your bottles with some home made concoctions with natural ingredients like tea tree oil, essential oils, lemon juice, vinegar and
 baking soda. Add some parsley and cilantro into your dishes and chia seeds too; all excellent natural detoxifiers.seedlings

Forget the drive thru and make some super sized  dishes on Sunday’s that can serve as left overs for the week. Ignite the passion within you for your vitality, get creative!! If you feel guided to do so, then do an actual cleanse to kick start the process. Visit your local health food store and ask some questions about different products. You may want one where you can still eat a lot of food (the more your eat, the more you poop, the more you cleanse philosophy) or a juicing cleanse may be what you need to give your system a rest or something in between.Cleanse_Detoxify

This post was inspired when the angels send me this card. It is a message of love as they ask us to Cleanse & Detoxify our bodies. This is about as straightfoward a message as they come.This card is radiant with soft yellow, pinks and oranges. The angel is young & bears the innocence of a teenager. She reminds me of how we all once felt – fresh, vibrant, free of impurities and the burdens of this electronic era. She stands among a field of orange lilies while holding an effervescent white & yellow flower in her hand. This white flower has cleansing & detoxifying properties and the orange lilies represent calmness & confidence.

This card also warns you to stay away from toxic situations and people. Be gentle with yourself as you cleanse harshness from your life right now. We all have these people in our lives, be gently with the process. Harsh elimination is not recommended.

I made these Gluten free, egg free, dairy free beauties with mostly organic ingredients for my highly food sensitive daughter. Oil Free Chocolate Zucchini Muffins.

I made these gluten free, egg free, dairy free beauties with mostly organic ingredients for my highly food sensitive daughter. Oil Free Chocolate Zucchini Muffins.

As a society, there are many groups of people who are moving towards a more sustainable relationship with their bodies and this planet but change doesn’t come easy.  We would be wise to remember that the “sweet ain’t sweet without the bitter baby”. If you are going to go the extra mile and fulfill your life purpose, live your passion, then you need a healthy body to do it.

Many people are turning to vegan, gluten-free or vegetarian diets in an effort to heal their bodies and ailments. Listen to your inner guidance as to what may be compromising your health and make a few changes. Everyone has different needs. If you want to continue to eat meat, buy grass fed organic and follow the philosophy of less meat, better meat. There are so many resources available to us that you can find support and information that will match your lifestyle and budget. Write down what you eat for a week & how you feel afterwards and then make some adjustments. Switch to a couple of squares of dark chocolate when you need a sweet treat over the baked goods or frozen treats. There are so many resources for interesting healthy meals & supplements that won’t cost you a dime: Pinterest is my new favourite resource for recipes but you can check out tv shows, websites by chefs, the library, Twitter, and right here on WordPress, of course, ;-)!!!!

If you can make this investment in yourself along with an active healthy lifestyle, then overtime you likely won’t need to take so many prescription drugs (or any at all under the guidance of your MD of course). People are so keen to buy a new car, furniture, clothes – yet they balk at the price of organic foods. This is not a healthy trend.Buddha_grace

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming so take baby steps. Break into one change per week ora  schedule that feels right to you and make the changes at a time of year that makes it easier to establish the changes as habits. Introduce some spirulina to your diet and believe the bottle when it tells you to add it gradually to your diet, let the cleansing begin my friends, lol!!! Replace your cleaning products with homemade or natural brands like Method or Nature’s Path, plant an herb garden in your window sill or a tomatoe plant on your balcony. If you are lucky enough to have a sunny patch in your yard, then plant a few vegetables, with your kids if you have them, and make it fun and interactive.

Just remember we are getting more sensitive as life becomes more hectic and at times overwhelming. Stay the course and take control of your own life. The food you put in your mouth is one of the few decisions that you entirely control, choose well my friends and watch the transformation begin.

Today’s card is from the Oracle card deck Daily Guidance from your Angels by Doreen Virtue,  artwork by Lisa Iris.

Peace, grace and love, Lisa

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