Weekly Reading for May 13th – 19th, 2013

For the week of May 13-19, 2013 I am using the Angel Tarot by Radleigh Valentine & Doreen Virtue with artwork by Steve A. Roberts.

This week starts off with embracing a new opportunity (you can do it this week!) then asks you to reward your efforts with a little fun and to finish off the week, we have a warning not to get swept up in worry and fear based thinking around the changes in your life.
Week of May 13_2013
We have our good news card returning from last week, the Ace of Fire for Monday and Tuesday. Our exciting new opportunity from last week is presenting itself front and centre people. Perhaps you didn’t pay this opportunity enough attention so Ace of Fire is back knocking on your door here!! There are a LOT of cards in this deck, 78 to be exact, and to see this card again tells me that a life purpose opportunity is in front of you right now and Monday & Tuesday is the time to change your life…do it NOW! If you embraced this opportunity last week, then Monday and Tuesday are the ideal days for you to put in some work to get this idea moving forward in a big way. You gotta love a genie in a bottle telling you that you can have whatever you desire; does it get any better than that?
Midweek brings us into the Three of Water. It is time to celebrate. This could be related to a wedding, a baby or a graduation; likely something that you are intimately tied to through your heart & emotions. Considering it follows the Ace of Fire I feel that the Three of Water presents itself as a reminder to have some fun and celebrate this exciting new opportunity in your life. You have been weighing the pros and cons and have been working so hard lately all while finding new courage and faith. It is important to take the time to embrace the moment, congratulate yourself and reward your efforts. All work and no play makes for a very dull you. Right now is a time to be in the present moment and love your lovely life.
The card for Friday, Saturday & Sunday is the Ego, Jophiel. In traditional Tarot this is the dreaded Devil card….duhn, duhn duhn. I love how it has been re-branded in the Angel Tarot to inspire you to beautify your thoughts. The Dreamer and AA Jophiel are reminding you that the struggles you are having are your own doing. The mind and the ego are powerful forces that you control 100%. With all this life purpose change remember to keep you thoughts positive. I posted a relative quote just the other day which lends itself well to this situation if you would like to read it please click here.  That said, don’t take yourself too seriously. Know that your ego is your worst enemy masquerading as your best friend. You can live in love or fear. Perhaps you call it by other names but all feelings fall under these two “parent” emotions. Ask yourself what is motivating your thought pattern right now? Are you paying more attention to what you don’t want rather than your ideal outcome? This is lowering your vibrational energy and drawing negativity into your days. Stop it! There are such exciting opportunities awaiting you. You CAN quiet your ego and embrace the change. You CAN have the fulfilling life you desire and you can have it right now. When you find your mind straying to ego based thinking, gently correct it with gently loving thoughts.
I recommend doing positive affirmations this weekend. As hard as it may be to get going, mirror work is well worth the effort and you should give it a go if you haven’t before. This is where you look yourself in the mirror and say messages of love and inspiration as you look yourself in the eyes. Make a habit of it, you can thank me, and the amazing Louise Hay, later.
As we enter into mid-May the intense emotions & change that have been so pervasive in 2013 continue. Life is like a carnival this year and you have an unlimited pass on the roller coaster. Make sure you find a good release for yourself where you can quiet your mind and connect with your source. This may be walks in nature, meditation, yoga, a good book….you know what it is for you.

Light & love earth angels! Have a wonderful week, Lisa

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