Weekly Reading for May 6th – 12th, 2013

I am pleased to announce that I am starting weekly Tarot readings on my blog. This was actually the genesis of the blog, but with a job, two kids, a husband, exercise regime, a cat and a lot of housework I have had to create some scheduling magic to create windows for my beloved blog. After only a few months I cannot imagine life without it & now make it a priority!!

Every reading is started with a call for accurate, precise messages and blessings for everyone involved, that said we have an energetic week for our first full week of May 2013.
Week_of_May 6_2013
Monday and Tuesday we have the familiar Eight of Fire. Expect there to be a lot going on as the week takes off like a rocket. Your schedule is packed and may appear to be out of control. This card signifies BIG change. I know that there has been so much change for all of us in the first period of 2013 and you may be ready for it to slow down. You need to dig deep and connect with your pioneering spirit here and embrace this change….especially considering our next card! I have blogged on this card before if you would like to read more information on it click this link.
An Explosion of Passion & Change is Here - Stay Focused!

An Explosion of Passion & Change is Here – Stay Focused!

As we move into mid week expect some exciting news! An exciting new opportunity is going to present itself to you on Wednesday or Thursday. We have a genie on this card, so know that whatever you manifest you can have right now. This is a wonderful time for you! I was lucky enough to meet the “genie” a couple of weeks ago and I am so happy to be able to use my autographed card here!! This is a 100% good news card. There is no better time for you to make a life purpose change than now!
Friday, Saturday & Sunday bring about a nice break from your hectic and exciting week. Make time for your friends and family and be sure to decompress from all the intense work energies from the week. Bring your kind side to any family issues that surface this weekend. Your commanding energy flows into the weekend with the Queen of Earth. You can continue to cultivate your heart’s desire here. Be kind. Be compassionate. Be thoughtful. Don’t let your ego get to ramped up from your accomplishments of this past week as they are just a part of the journey & do not define you in any way. This could be a person of these traits entering your life as well for the weekend.
All in all it looks like a fast paced week with good news and some family challenges to bring you into the weekend. I hope you have a wonderful week and many blessing to you.
Love & light, Lisa

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