A New Persepective on Problems

“What makes you so special that you don’t deserve to have problems?” – Caroline Myss, I Can Do It Vancouver 2013

This is the only 6 legged starfish I have seen. A problem or a blessing?

This is the only 6 legged starfish I have seen on the coast of British Columbia. A problem or a blessing?

Really think about that line. Mull it over repeating it several times. What problems come to mind for you? Are you focusing on  the negative side of the situation more strongly than your hopes & dreams? This is such a POWERFUL sentiment. I mean really, the self pity we manifest when things don’t go our way is incredibly self defeating. Each & every single person on the planet has problems. Pain is pain wherever you live on the planet, as human beings our emotional symphony plays the same concerto.

I find it helpful to say that line while looking at myself in the mirror. This leads to self medicating laughter followed by a radiant glow of gratitude. I find this a much healthier attitude compared to others which often stem from inevitable narcissistic tendencies of which I would like to blame entirely on my ego;-)

The journey of life is just like Card 10 from the major arcana in Tarot – The Wheel, and around and around we go. Change is the only constant in our daily lives and we all indulge in a little (or a lot) self pity from time to time. Problems will always be there, it is how you choose to perceive them that is critical to your happiness and your path in life. Manifest the gratitude and live in the moment and enjoy the ride….as best you can! Thank you Caroline for your honest, straight shooter advice! Nobody can tell off a crowd and have them running out to buy your books like you!

Have a wonderful day, Light & love, Lisa

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