Naps Are For “Big” Kids Too!

Oh did I laugh when I pulled today’s card. Here I am feeling quite exhausted from a non-stop 2 weeks, 2 months, 6 years, take your pick! Last night I pulled the “Rest” card from Doreen Virtues Magical Mermaids and Dolphins deck. I have to admit that I considered posting it for today because it is just so in tune with how I am feeling. If you are reading my blog, then through the Law of Attraction I know that you can relate to this feeling, HOWEVER, I never do that. I always pull a fresh card with the clear intention that it is for you. I set a crystal clear intention and prayed for the most concise & helpful advice for all of us that are feeling overextended right now and “Rest” showed up! I love it!!

This card is loving, simple and nurturing. Please be gentle with yourself right now as you (we) have been working very hard lately and it is time to focus on yourself. It is a great time to do positive affirmations, get some fresh air, read a good book, meditate and/or take a nap. If possible, clear anything off your schedule that isn’t urgent and give yourself some much needed down time.Rest_Mermaids_and_Dolphins

Look at the imagery on the card. The artist used soft pastel colours and a baby mermaid napping to convey the innocence and gentleness of the divine message of this card. Even though the ocean continues to crash on the shore, the baby mermaid has let go of all her worldly concerns and has slipped off into a deep restful state, nestled inside her cozy grass lined shell. As a mother, I cannot think of many things that are more peaceful than a sleeping baby.

If you are looking to push ahead into the next chapter in your career, relationship or hobby, please remember that your greatest moments of inspiration will come when you are quiet inside. A lot of research has been done on the restorative powers of naps and there ability to foster productivity. So much so, that some companies provide nap time in the early afternoon for their staff, incredible I know! Going inside through meditation often ignites a whirlwind of inspiration too, so much so you forget to meditate! Taking it easy and setting your off switch can be more powerful than being connected to your iPhone, iPad & desktop all day long.

Go ahead, take a nap, you deserve it! Really, you do. It doesn’t matter if you are reading this today, tomorrow or 2 years from now. This message is for YOU!

Love & light & sweet sweet dreams my friends, Lisa

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