They Are Superheroes in Healing Too

Many themes emerge through the duration of a conference as the collective whole of the speakers messages mesh together into a tapestry of sorts. I Can Do It Vancouver really brought those themes home. I was expecting one thing this year and experienced something quite different.


What a beautiful end to a beautiful weekend at I Can Do It Vancouver!

We heard compelling evidence that removing/limiting inflammatory foods from our diet like sugar, coffee & flour can heal many of the diseases that run rampant across the planet from Julie Daniluk. We listened to a fascinating presentation from Joe Dispenza, chronicling how thoughts create our life & routine lulls the brain to sleep (he was one of my favs from the weekend this year!).

Dave Carroll spoke about his experience of individual power in the age of social media. He produced the YouTube sensation, United Breaks Guitars. It was an inspiring tale of how much a dedicated individual could accomplish on his/her own. Mastin Kipp was energizing and honest as he told us when his life seemingly fell into tatters that it was actually the grace of God shoving him towards his life purpose. He used the term “divine storm” which is what follows “divine whispers” and “divine knocking” then “divine shouting” when we don’t listen…..reminds me of Oprah. Then Alex Woodard moved the room to tears with his story of turning poignant letters into songs and the connection between us all.

Gregg Braden was awesome as usual. He was articulate, captivating and was able to break down some pretty complex information so that it was easy to digest all in under 90 minutes. Let’s not forget about Caroline Myss who kicked off the day with her no BS style in a talk on archetypes. It felt like she was telling us off mostly, yet hundreds of participants marched out and bought her book and hit her autograph table. I fully respect & appreciate her direct approach. She has worked hard all her life in the relentless pursuit of truth and she expects the same of others. She is a very smart lady, she asks the hard questions and calls you out on your issues. No hiding behind your woe- is-me-sob-story with Mrs. Myss!!

Several speakers engaged us with self healing techniques, moving away from traditional western culture and practices & the spiritual superheroes delivered messages of grace, kindness and open heartedness as being the key vehicles to create a peaceful and joyous existence. I left the theatre with a huge hit of bliss and an open heart knowing that where there is darkness we must bring light to create change. When has adding more darkness to the dark ever created light? More guns will not solve the gun problem just as more war will not bring about peace. There is much hard work to do.

The take away messages from today were:

Caroline Myss – Heavy Hitter

We are at war with ourselves & we are seeking peace….in every single moment.We are not comfortable empowering ourselves. The saboteur within us is SO powerful.

Joe Dispenza – Creating Change is Relentless Work

90% of your thoughts today were the same as yesterdays. The hardest part of change is not making the same thoughts as yesterday.
Routine lulls the brain to sleep.

Dave Carroll – Personal Branding

There is a power behind knowing connection.
Everyone’s story matters.

Julie Daniluk – Meals That Heal

You can heal your body with food.

Mastin Kipp – Faith and Service Set You Free

The universe says if you take a step toward me THEN I will take a step towards you. (When talking about jumping into your life’s purpose and letting go of your old reality).How do you react when you face uncertainty? Think about it.

Alex Woodard – For The Sender

Our pain connects us all. We are all connected.

Gregg Braden – Let it Go

People are waiting to get “back to normal”. There is no going back, we are living in a new cycle.
The solutions to all our problems are already here, there is a crisis in thinking that is blocking progress.
Create a new model that makes the old one obsolete. Don’t wait for it to be gone, embrace a new world!
Old thinking: What can I get out of this situation? New thinking – What can I share with the world?
We must use our hearts to heal our bodies.

Two days, 13 speakers, two nights away from my family, a visit from the tooth fairy (my 6 year old lost her second tooth), meeting Doreen, Radleigh & Michael, countless new angel friends & many business cards handed out – it is over. It is nice to get back into my heart. Life can get so intense that I feel the weight of the world more than the light of who I truly am some days. Being in a room with 3,000 like minded people for two days lifted my energy and grounded me just as I was hoping. The real work is taking all of this information and putting it into action. The more I listen to these types of speakers the less I learn and the more I re-affirm what I am already doing. These conferences are a blessing; they keep you on the path to self acceptance and radiance. Tomorrow I am off to the Vancouver Convention Centre to spend the day with all sorts of angels! I can hardly wait.

Love & light & goodnight! Lisa

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