Superheroes of the Spiritual Movement

Today I attended the fist day of I Can Do It Vancouver! I started the day off with the remarkable Wayne Dyer. He is funny, deeply intelligent, nurturing and has the amazing gift to entertain a crowd for 3 hours, making it fly by. He spoke of intention and manifestation, of gurus, ascended masters and spiritual leaders from all faiths & walks of life. He impressed with his ability to use his mind to overcome obstacles. He has been in excruciating pain for the past two weeks and yet today he was overjoyed to be working the stage and freely moving his body (albeit with a little help from his cranial sacral therapist). Wayne always has so many take away lessons. Today I left with the goal of increasing my motivation in order to achieve the change I want in my life. He discussed our motivation for seemingly mundane activities in our day to day lives. Do you follow the speed limit out of love and concern for others safety or out of fear of getting a speeding ticket? The love we feel in our hearts is key to our quality of life. His daughter Sky performed and made the entire place cry with her touching melodies and connection to her Dad.

Today the sun came out to welcome some spiritual superheroes to town!

Today the sun came out to welcome some spiritual superheroes to town!

Next was Michael Chase, a relatively new member of the Hay House team.  He performs random acts of kindness and has found that it is through kindness that we can truly be happy. He pointed out that we should NEVER let others rent space in our heads and that resentment is our #1 enemy. He was energetic, direct and very engaging. He comes from a hard story as so many others do and walked a long and winding road to find his enlightenment. I have to say I buy what he is selling. I mean when doesn’t doing something nice for others, while genuinely expecting nothing in return, feel anything but amazing?

Nick Ortner was short and sweet and did a run through of tapping or EFT ( Emotional Freedom Therapy) with the audience of almost 3,000. At one point I looked around the theatre and saw above mentioned 3,000 people tapping there heads, looking like a choreographed mob of monkeys; it was a good laugh for sure. I had this performed on me way back in 2000 so I was sold before I got there. It is an easy and effective way to release physical, mental and emotional pain. You can learn about it for free online through many different practitioners. He produced a film & has an audio program available for purchase too. There have been some extraordinary results with people suffering from decade long chronic pain or depression, so it is worth investigating. Who doesn’t want to solve their health issues without the use of medication or surgery?

Next the lovely Nancy Levin (she has a poetry book, Writing For My Life) spoke about her journey through a broken marriage, becoming a self published author & a public speaker. She read some of her poignant and heartfelt poetry and was lovely.

Next up was Eldon Taylor. I was hoping to see some self hypnosis in action today so was a little disappointed. He did deliver an informative, interesting and compelling talk about tricks marketing strategists play on us and how our conscious mind isn’t actually making our decisions. He seems like a very to the point and smart man, so if you are interested in self-hypnosis you should do a little research on him and his program. It is inexpensive way to get to know yourself better.

Last but not least was the lady and gentleman I had been waiting all day to see, the lovely and talented Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine!! It is so inspiring to see people who are so comfortable in their own skin being superheros of the spiritual world. Doreen spoke of the earth angels and their qualities of sensitivity and I felt like she was describing me. Her partner Michael joined her and played music for her captivating meditations. I left a couple of minutes early to get in the autograph line and I am so glad that I did as it was LONG! I got tongue tied when I got to Doreen but was able spit out that I thought she was wonderful tonight & that I was one of the volunteers for the Certified Angel Card Reader Program on Monday . She looked me in the eyes and it was if time stood still. I feel like she is still looking at me almost an hour & a half later. She is so deep and so powerful. I hope I have a chance to redeem myself on Monday!! And Radleigh was hysterical on stage and such a pleasure to meet. He gave me a big hug and a warm smile and the man has a heartfelt sparkle in his eye. I am looking forward to learning more from these to on Monday.

After today I definitely feel inspired to forge ahead on my path as a professional Tarot & Oracle card reader. I am so grateful for this day and look forward to tomorrow and the amazing Caroline Myss, Gregg Braden & others.

Love & light and goodnight! Lisa

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