Don’t Lose Sight of All That is Trustworthy in Your Life

Today we meet the Ten of Water. Tenderness, trustworthiness and contentment are all around you. This card reminds us that we are taken care of. This past week has been a challenging one, a week that has brought fear to the forefront of many people’s minds with the tragedy at the Boston Marathon. When we witness atrocities like this, especially when children are involved, it is so easy to let the anger and sadness rise up as the most powerful emotions in our heart .


The Ten of Water is here to tell you that you have a wonderful life. Love is all around you. Forgiveness breeds more of the same, a smile spreads happiness and your tenderness can change the world. Take a look at all the expressions on these mermaids faces. There is so much happiness and connectedness going on  here. I love the older sibling with her arms spread in pure unadulterated joy. The parents are holding their cups out as if they are giving you a “cheers”, representing the wealth & abundance in their family. The sweet young boy is soaking up some rays from the sun as he looks down at his family with appreciation. The card is rich in blues for loyalty, trustworthiness and tranquility.

Live in your heart and appreciate the goodness that resides there.

I am off to I Can Do It Vancouver this weekend and will be volunteering at the latest certification course for Certified Angel Card readers on Monday. I am so honoured to be working with Radleigh Valentine and Doreen Virtue. I am beyond excited & grateful for all the enlightenment that awaits me over the next three days. I suspect it will be another spiritual laxative of sorts!! Until next time.

Light & love, Lisa

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