Take a Leap of Faith

We have all been there. On a cloudy day standing outside when suddenly, a blinding light bursts through the clouds and its warmth envelopes your entire body, caressing your skin like a familiar partner. It is like magic. The sunlight fills your soul with a sense of purpose and strength. Your mood is instantly lifted, there is a kick in your step & you feel like you are able to take on the world.

Today we meet Aine – Leap of Faith from the Goddess Guidance deck by the lovely and talented Doreen Virtue. I love the softness of the colour palette Aine - Leap of Faithhere. Sometimes we forget to charge forth softly and calmly when we make  pivotal decisions in our lives. Aine is throwing herself forward in carefree abandon, knowing she is fully supported by the universe and that she is cared for. She has a look of absolute surrender on her face, communicating the complete and total faith in her actions.

This can be a monumental challenge for any of us. After all, fear is a powerful force that keeps us from putting our true desires into action. Now IS the time for you to take a risk. This is something you have been thinking about for a long time. You know what it is. Don’t let indecision burn a scar so deep into your soul that you are burdened by feeling of disappointment and shame. The cards have been telling us for 2 months now – go for it! It couldn’t be any clearer. I am starting to feel like a broken record, haha. I love the clarity of the cards.

Be an agent of change in your life and stay true to your purpose! Be crystal clear and loving as you move forward. Make a plan and break it down into baby steps if you feel overwhelmed. This will ensure that you keep moving toward your dreams!

Aine is a celtic goddess revered in Ireland for helping to grow crops and care for animals. Call upon her anytime you need a little extra courage to take action in realizing your dreams.

Love & light – Lisa

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