Feeling a Little Restless?

…..well if you are feeling this way it may be due to all this newfound life purpose and passion in your life. Today we encounter the burning intensity of the Knight of Fire….yes I know this is the FOURTH fire card in a row from the Angel Tarot cards.

This spring is a pivotal time of passion and life purpose as it intertwines into the complex mosaic of your life. As a stand alone card this is a crystal clear message. You need to make a decision, an important one, so don’t rush into anything. Sometimes it is just so tempting to get caught up in the tidal wave of intensity that is your life. The Knight of Fire may present itself as an almost overwhelming force. He is confident, passionate, and likes to get his own way.

As for the card itself, the colour scheme is rooted in the earth. We have subdued tones of browns, yellows and blues. This card is exceptionally masculineKinght_of Fire and commanding at a glance. Not only is the Knight of Fire staring you down with a dare I say, passionate intensity (watch out ladies!) so is his trusty steed. When I look at this card I feel like I don’t stand a chance against this man, he is so powerful and focused (and sexy!). I have so much respect for that kind of intense connection with life purpose and we all have something to learn from this person in our life who embodies these traits. He holds his dragon headed sword upright in the air, ready to charge forward, ready for battle.

Based on all of the fire cards that we have been seeing the last few weeks I want to emphasize this next point. As the heat gets turned up in your life  – with all the changes you are making to align your life with your true purpose how could it not? – you WILL be attracting others who are also on this path. Make sure to stay true to your passions and not get swept up in others, it is easily done!! You are in a place where you feel purposeful & focused, but remember, life is a path with many bends in the road with sights to see at every turn. Don’t get distracted form YOUR path, even when a handsome, powerful Knight of Fire approaches. It could be a major setback. Just a little friendly advice from your tarot card reader:)

If you are interested in the journey of fire from the major arcana that we have been on of late, you can read about the Page of Fire, Eight of Fire and Seven of Fire as well. The journey is intensifying, I feel it too. I would appreciate a break from it, but that is not going to happen.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any kindred experiences or thoughts you can share, please leave a comment!

Love & light to you all, Lisa

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