April 8, 2013 – More Than Spring is in Bloom

As daffodils open their brilliant yellow petals to say hello to the warm kiss of spring,  you too are having a “bloom” of energy. For this post I am using Doreen Virtue’s Ascended Masters deck and we have Fertility – Pan, such a timely card it brings a smile to my face.Pan_Fertility_Ascended_Masters

Perhaps you are looking at conceiving a baby or perhaps a new inspiring project, either way this is a blessed time for conception. You pair this card with my last post –  Page of Fire and I would say we have a very strong case for passion, fertility and life purpose! I mean really, how can I be anything but over the moon at these cards I am pulling for you people! The cards want you to listen to you inner wisdom, stay in tune with your passions and all the while divine guidance is saying this is a time of lavish abundance to bring your projects to fruition. What are you waiting for?!?!

Pan is nestled into the countryside overlooking a panorama of natural abundance. As a symbol of this lavish abundance we see blooming flowers and a winding river set against a backdrop of rich green rolling hills. There is a free spirited young girl dancing without a care in the world to the enchanting melody of the “panpipe”.  Her white gown and the white flowers represent innocence and purity. The white iris is known for its ability to detox your system of old energies and emotions. It allows you to release what no longer serves you. This card is like the Ace of Fire in the Tarot, telling you that you have the Midas touch right now. This message is strongly represented in the gold tones of this card. Now is the perfect time to let go of your worries, follow the guidance of the law of attraction and await some great news!

If you are not familiar with Pan, he is an ancient Greek deity. Pan is linked to the root of the word “panic” as he was said to be so frightful to gaze upon that you would run away in fear like as would a gazelle from a lioness. As the story goes, Pan fell in love at first sight with a wood nymph, Syrinx who was terrified of him. She asked water nymphs for help one day when Pan chased her and they swiftly turned him into willow reeds. As Pan yelled for help the reeds played a lilting melody & when he was transformed back into his original form he made a musical instrument from the reeds which is now known as the “panpipe”. He is called upon for assistance with issues in nature, mirth, music and fertility.

Have a wonderful Monday everyone! Love & light, Lisa

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