April 4, 2013 – Embrace Your Creativity and Find Your Inspiration

The Page of Fire has come into our lives today and this is exciting news! All that struggle you have been experiencing is about to give way to something life affirming. This breath of fresh air will enter your life as either a spirited, creative and energetic person who has come along to help you on your way or some light shines through the cracks revealing an exciting new project that stimulates your creative juices. All the changes you have been making to live a more authentic life are paying off.Page_of_Fire

I would like to digress briefly and apologize for not posting a card for a few days. I am suffering from a serious bout of Strep Throat this week that has left me eating small cups of yogurt while sipping hot ginger & honey tea and not much else. This follows a week of sleepless nights, two trips to the hospital for my 2 year old Summer (who turned 3 yesterday!) and countless trips to the pharmacy for situations revolving around both of my precious girls. After six years of parenting I think it makes for an impressive track record that we just had our first trip to emergency; and Summer was born at home so this was actually her very first time in a hospital. For the record, I have known in my maternal gut that our youngest would be our first trip to the hospital but THAT is another post altogether, lol. The good news is that they are back in action and I am on the road to wellness. I have been calling on AA Raphael a lot lately,  surrounding my girls & our home with orbs of brilliant emerald green light and of course on AA Michael for courage, strength and protection. Now, back to the business at hand – from the minor arcana, the Page of Fire.

When I pulled our card of the day I thought, “Again with the fire, really? My readers are going to think I have some preoccupation with the fire suit”. But as with all things there are no accidents. The last three cards from my Angel Tarot deck for my blog have been fire, Eight of Fire and Seven of Fire & now the Page of Fire. All of this fire is so amazing as the tarot is really driving home that NOW IS THE TIME to embrace our passions, creativity and life purpose. Expect the tides of change to bring a new project into your life that is tied to your true desires as you embrace your creativity!!!

Here with the Page of Fire, you can clearly see that you hold it “all” in the palm of your hand. And your dragon friend, who represents passion, creativity & life purpose, has got your back! I love how he is in a protective stance overlooking the horizon. The rainbow wings on the dragon represent hope of a new exciting opportunity. The white city in the background is a foundation of purity. As for the Page, she is staring you down in a way that you just know she means serious business. Don’t listen to all those excuses your ego loves to make like “it really isn’t such a good time for you to make a change like this” or “you really should wait until you….” – fill in the blank for yourself – you know what your negative self talk story is. It is time to break the chains – literally!! The Page of Fire is coming to you as an energetic force of nature supporting you and guiding you.

Take a moment and focus on her gaze, what feelings come about? Take a few moments to think about what you want to attract into your life right now and open your eyes to opportunities that may already be right in front of you. You can forge ahead with the excitement and confidence of this young Page.

If you meet someone or have recently met someone who resembles this description, embrace the relationship and trust your inner voice. We are being strongly supported to live a life that reflects our individual life purpose with everything in us. Please remember that the minor arcana signify changes in our day to day lives. We aren’t looking for HUGE, DRAMATIC changes like moving, relationships ending, etc. We are looking for connections to our core that ignite our passion so we can take on those major life changes when they DO present themselves. Then, and only then you can make decisions from your heart, leading you down the path to your life purpose.

After you read this post go and do something creative, something inspiring or call a friend who makes you feel that way and connect!

Light & love, Lisa

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